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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Use the Qabalah Now

Practical Qabalah MagickPractical Qabalah Magick by David Rankine
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This is simply the best book on Qabalah that I have read to date. The author gives you a variety of techniques, prayers, pathworks and meditations that can be used right away by both the beginner and advanced practitioner right away. The author has done the research plumbing into the depths of such authors of Jewish Qabalah like Rabbi Joseph Giktalia, Abraham Abulafia and Rabbi Areyeh Kaplan. Ceremonial Magic Qabalah is explored as well.

Qabalah is often termed as Jewish mysticism but in reality it's roots extend all the way to Sumeria and embrace aspects of Greek, Egyptian and Babylonian mystical thought. The author covers the evolution of the tree of life. Some Jewish Works show the tree of life having ten sephirot others eleven. Certain paradigms have 16 pathways between the sephirot while Kirshners , Rosicrucian version , the one used by Ceremonial magicians has thirty two. There is in depth discussion on the names of god, arch angels, regular angels and how they connect to the different sephirot.

Technique that are discussed are vibrating the names of god, visions of the angels and combining the names of God , called unifications, which are used to bring about change. The 231 gates which uses hebrew letters in a circle can be used for banishing or attracting. There is a detailed section on Charging and consecrating and cleansing an amulet.

Philosophical backdrop on the qabalah are discussed that involves the four world and how they relate to manifestation. Also discussed are the three pillars of the tree of life. This is one book you got to get. It has everything and it is awesome.

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