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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Light and Darkness and Then Some

vs. - Duality and Conflict in Magick, Mythology and Paganismvs. - Duality and Conflict in Magick, Mythology and Paganism by Kim Huggens
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Lightness and Darkness, Good and Evil, Male and Female our universe is filled with opposites. Opposites create a duality and opposition. Most people try to focus on one or the other. There is a constant effort for most of us to be all good to stay on the side of the light. Some spiritual systems embrace only the masculine or the feminin. True spirituality however, must find a way to embrace both. True power comes from the energy that is produced when both of them are united rather then seperate. Both the left hand and the right hand must work in conjunction.

Avalonia publications has put together a compilation of essays that embrace this concept of duality. There is a vast specturum of spiritualities that re represented that it is virtually impossibe to summarize al of them. Several essay did grab my attention above all the others in this excellent collection. Michael Howard gives the read a taste of Robert Cochrane’s Witch craft and gives us a different perspective on the Devil, Lilith and Cain. I will not blow the details but Lucifer is not a bad guy, after all he rules this planet and his redemption is dependent on our redemption. Lilith refuses to submit and is said to have seduced Adam numerous times. Cain built the first cities. You got to read his essay.

I am an avid fan of Middle Eastern Mythology the fact that thre were 3 essay on Inanna/ Ishtar thrilled me to death, especially when one of the authors had been to Iraq on a mission to help the people. Inanna/ Ishtar herself embodies duality. She is the queen of the Earth and the Heavens. She is a goodess of love and fertility yet she is also a goddes of war and destruction. Inanna is both the harlot and virgin. Lapis Lazuli and dates are sacred to her

If you are a Norse pagan or a Heathen there is a lively essay on Freya and Frigg. Big question are they both the same or they different goddesses? Freya is mentioned in Scandinavian countries but not in Germanic countries. There are several parralels between the two. In some of the sagas they are fighting side by side. Are they two Goddesses or one Goddess? That is a quest you will need to take if you wish to find out.

One last essay that really thrilled me was when a young female had a converstation with Aleister Crowley and another female occultist. Remember this is about unifying dualities. She is given a choice to choose which form her Holy Guardian angel will take . Before making her choice she is blessed with the opportunity to listen them bantering back and forth. What choice will she make?

I love Avalonia and this book deserves to be counted. I realize that after you read this book that this review did not do the book justice. It is a great book. Avalonia keep up the great work.

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Skalisko Raska said...

The use of the term "Duality" is erroneous and confuses matters. In the UNIverse, the ONEverse there can be no duality. Duality infers two things that are exactly the same and this is impossible. There are only two halves of the one thing. Everything exists within a spectrum and what is referred to as duality are, in fact, polarities and extremities. The unity is the middle ground, the balancing point.

The Granovitch said...

It all depends on how we view thing. Some people do view the universe in terms of opposites while others see it as a continuum. Out in the wilderness or nature the concept of good and evil do not exist as we know. If an animal needs to eat it hunts. A couple of the essays spoke of uniting the opposites or polarities for greater power. If one already sees it as such then they may have achieved an optimal spiritual power.

Skalisko Raska said...

True and False depends upon how we view things. Opposites/Polarities exist at either end of the Continuum/Spectrum. How we view things isn't necessarily the way they are supposed to be seen. People love having their own opinion unfortunately, opinion counts for naught where Reality is concerned. The optimal spiritual power you speak of is in realising that "Good and Evil", "Love and Hate" are two sides of the same coin. I'm enjoying your reviews :)

The Granovitch said...

that your correct about the polarities are the different side of the same coin. However, it is the realization of unifying the apparent opposites that causes spiritual awakening and spiritual empowerment.


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