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Friday, March 9, 2012

Making a Sigil

Practical Sigil Magic: Creating Personal Symbols for SuccessPractical Sigil Magic: Creating Personal Symbols for Success by U. D. Frater

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Frater UD is one of the premier Ceremonial Magicians in Europe. He is a master of Ceremonial and he is also a Chaos Magician. Many who are unfamiliar with him might be familiar with a concept he invented called "Ice Magick" .

Sigils or pictographic symbol of what we desire to obtain was first developed by Austin Osman Spare. He was an artist and he was educated by a witch at an early age. Being a bit of a rebel he tended to be a free thinker who definitely did not believe in conformity. He practiced practical magic that was free from dogma and tended to be about what work for the magician.

Sigil making is one of the corner stones of Chaos magick. The most common technique is to write out a statement of intent. IT is beneficial to start your state words like it is my will, this is my will or my desire is. You write out your statement and then cross out every other letter. Take the remaining letters put them together and make design. Once that part is completed you objective is to stare it in either a heightened state of frenzy or exhaustion so it can slip into the subconscious. After that you then destroy it by fire or by tearing it up

There are two other types of sigils. The second type is the picture sigil. THis involves taking known glyphs and combining them to make a new design. There making and execution is the same as the first type of sigil. The third type of sigil involves taking a statement of intent crossing out the duplicate letter and then making a new gibberish phrase or some word of power. This said aloud and over and over again until it makes no sense or produces a sense of stupefaction. Then it dissolves in your mind.

Frater UD goes further into Austin Osman Spares philosophy by discussing he alphabet of desire. This involves letting the subconscious take control of your hand and allowing it to tell you it's symbol for words and concepts. After a while you will have your own well built up dictionary.

There is also discussion on Kabbalistic Kameah and the prevailing view of the subconscious, the sensor and the conscious. Your power comes from the subconscious. In parting I like to say that the magicians two major tools are the will and the imagination.

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