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Monday, March 19, 2012

High Magic's Aid

High Magic's AidHigh Magic's Aid by Gerald B. Gardner

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Gerald Gardner was the founder of Modern Wicca. Prior to his releasing the knowledge of Wicca he wrote a book under the pseudonym "Scire" which was supposedly his magical name or craft name. The book convers primarily Ceremonial or Solomonic ritual in a fictional context. It may not be the highest form of literature but it was a quick entertaining read which I found inspiring and pleasurable.

THe story starts off with Olaf Bonder bound in a triangle just outside a circle. Since he is a virgin he is more able to recieve signals from the spirits. The spirits tell him to find a certain Witch, The Witch of Were. Olaf is Jan's younger brother, and Jan is the one who want top reclaim his grandfather's estate and become a lord again. Thur their mentor is the town leech and a magician of sorts.

Together they group off to find the witch of were who is infact a priestes of the old religion. When they find her in a malnourished state they are somewhat disappointed, especially Jan. THe group barely escape with their life. THey travel into London and wonder at the marvels their.

Jan is slow to convince, Olaf sems preconvinced. Thur and Morwen work together casting spells, charging sigils and seals all with the effort of helping Jan retake his stolen inheritance. Along the way they are doged by church officials and a very controlling mother.

The reader is treated to front row seat of several rituals of both witch craft and high magical workings. THe book is a product of it's time and deals more with Ceremonial magic. The Old religion is mentioned but the Goddes so central to Wicca is hardly mentioned. Janicot the God is mentioned plenty. For those who are into Gerald Gardner and Wicca I reccomend this book to you. THose who like this genre should get teh book as well.

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