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Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Book Dwarves

Root, Stone and Bone: Honoring Andvari and the Vaettir of MoneyRoot, Stone and Bone: Honoring Andvari and the Vaettir of Money by Galina Krasskova

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I have enjoyed previous works written by Galina Krasskova immensely. I might have enjoyed this one a little bit more had it been cheaper or longer. If I pay $16.00 for a book it should be at least 150 pages or longer. If it is 57 pages worth or reading material then it should bee priced at no more than $10. That being said there is not a whole lot of information about Andvari. There might be on or two references to him in surviving Norse Lore. What follows is mostly unverified personal gnosis of interactions between andvari and those who work with him. I have nothing against UPG's but hey if you are going to right a book get more experiences down. Or if there is not enough material on one dwarf then gather information on several other living being in Norse lore and write about them.

Andvari is a dwarf, of the race Duegar, which may not be human friendly but Andvari is human friendly. He lives beneath a mountain mining ore and making exquisite jewelery. The only story that he is mentioned in involves Loki the trickster God. Loki apparently steals from Andvari and Andvari does not so much as utter a complaint. He does warn Loki that the ring is cursed. I guess Loki did not listen. Loki was also involved with being the God Father top Narvi, Andvari's son. In an alternate telling Loki, a jotun, is seeking a nice wedding gift for Sygyn, foster daughter of Njord the sea god. He gets a ring and nice Jewelry after acting as the dwarf's wife a for a bit. They have children together.

Andvari is a dwarf yet some of the dedications to him call him a god. I never knew that a dwarf could be a god. I guess I have a bit to learn. Andvari is all about owning up to what is your your whether it be personal difficulties or issues. Andvari is also about earning money justly and spending it appropriately and not wasting it. Andvari is anti hoarding. This little known dwarf also wants you to put in quality performance on your job and earn your money rightly.

The book which is a smaller than most magazines would have benefitted from more personal stories. Out side of that it was concise information that readily got the point across. There are some great references in the back. Due to shortness of content I would not advise buying this book.

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