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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Vampyre's Grimoir

Vampyre Sanguinomicon: The Lexicon of the Living VampireVampyre Sanguinomicon: The Lexicon of the Living Vampire by Father Sebastiaan

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Vampyre’s are at the for front of the nation’s attention right now. Tons of books, TV show and movies all about vampyre’s. People love them because they are sexy, nocturnal, powerful and immortal. Everything we human’s wish we could be. Most of us see them as blood drinkers, the vision Hollywood has given us. But that version is not real. Have they ever caught a blood drinking vampire????

Occultists are more familiar with psychic vampyre’s. Psivamps as I call them are unable to make their own energy or prana. The life energy called Prana drains off of them rather quickly. Psi Vamps must feed of the aura of others. Personally I do not buy into the PSi Vamp thing all that much either. Strigoi Vii, on the other hand, are of a different ilk. Frankly I find this version of a vampire the most believable of all. Strigoi Vii means “living Vampyre”

Living Vampyres have to burn energy at a greater rate. Since they are most powerful they have to burn more energy quickly to keep running. Stigoi Vii prefer to surface feed off an energetic crowd than to attach their tendrils to another aura, although they do have techniques for that as well.

At this point I would like to dive directly into their paradigm. I find their philosophy most empowering and great psychodrama helps release the power of our subconscious to achieve magical results. Their philosophy is related to that of Chaos magic. They are firm believers in independent thought and believe that people should have a mind of their own. They do not want slavish obedience. Each person is his own god. They do not worship gods per se as they see deities as egregores or god thought forms. Thought forms are created by a group consiousness and then fed energy from acts of devotion. Once the egregore is strong enough it can be worked with for magical results. A great example of Egregores would be the Greek Gods. Strigoi Vii view different magical paradigigms like a soft ware program. You select which one works best for you and achieving your magical goal. Like most Chaos magicians Strigoi Vii value rather highly self sufficiency. They are also into chivalry. The Egregore for their order is Elorath. Strigoi Vii want to connect to the current of Elorath.

With in the order of Strigoi Vii are several sub currents. The current of Ramakht is the priestly current. Priests and priestesses usually run rituals. The Kitra current consists of healer and weavers. Mradu are the warriors. Kalistree are female vampire witches.

The Sanguinomicon represents the magic and mysticism of the outer court. Vampyre Sanguinomicon is divided up into three sub books. The first book is Liber Elorath which gives the basic family structure, festival, philosophy and your own personal initiation in the order.

Liber Jahira- Coming forth by Day. Strigoi Vii believe in balance. Father Sebastian stresses that it is important for the Strigoi Vii to blend in with his /her environment. Once of the objectives of the Strigoi Vii is to force or further their own evolution. Liber Jahira discusses glamour and personal strengths exercises. Contacting and awakening your inner dragon is discussed. A concept that is relatively similar to contacting your holy guardian angel or higher self.

Liber Calmae takes the reader into the night time realms. The main goal here is immortality. The astral body, humans identity, falls apart with in days of the physical bodies death. The idea is to keep the astral body alive and stay immortal With in the sections are ways to contact Strigoi Morte or ancestors of the family who have gone on before us. There are also energy manipulation exercises and ways to work with Elorath.

Let me say that this book is powerful and the paradigm is powerful. The heavy psychodrama hel[ps break open your true power. I felt empowered just by reading the book.

Principles of the black Veil

1. Strigoi Vii are not Criminals

2. Strigoi Vii are adults

3. Strigoi Vii see blood as a metaphor for Prana the life force.

4. Strigoi Vii have a quest for unifying with the current of Elorath and the family

5. Strigoi Vii are hidden in plain sight.

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