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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Ancient Horns of Power

One of my first exposures to the horned God was back in my high school days when I was doing my first magical working. Cernunnos was the deity I invoked. I loved that oil I bought as well. Since then I have been hooked. In modern times not much is known about the horned God or other horned spirits for that matter. Authors David Rankine have compiled an excellent collection of article that not only give the reader a broader view of the horned gods but also they go into appreciable depth.

In Europe among the Gauls there were statues of a horned God with variations in the name Cernunnos. One said Ernunno,Caronos. Some of the inscription were in Latin of Greek.Statues to Cernunnos are found all across Europe stretching all the way to Central Europe. There were even shrines to him found in Northern Italy. The horns represented robustness, virility, assertiveness, power and strength. It also represented royalty. In modern.paganism the horned God is often associated with sun and solar qualities. But look at the horns carefully sometimes they even represent the crescent moon. Horns have a lunar aspect as well. In many pantheon's the lunar gods are masculine.

Anyone familiar with the different forms of Paganism will realize that Cernunnos is not the only horned God. Let us not forget Pan,Aries or Dionysus. When Romans came to Europe they came across other horned deities as well. Cernunnos was at first identified with Mercury.Julios Cesar equated him with Jupiter. The other horned Gods found in.Northern England were conflated with Aries.

Sorita gives a full glossary of Egyptian Horned Gods and Goddesses. David Rankine goes into depth on Pan. Not only gods are discussed but so are those mischievious Puccas and unicorns.

The second part of the book is about personal experiences with the horned God. Authors write about meditations, encounters in the woods and personal anecdotes. The third part deals with horned Goddesses. They too had some power. The most written about are Hekate,Seleneand Artemis. The thee goddesses are thought to be three parts of one godde

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