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Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Book of Vampyre Virtues

Vampyre Virtues; The Red VeilsVampyre Virtues; The Red Veils by Father Sebastiaan Van Houten

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Reading Father Sebastiaan's works is a very empowering experience. It is an action that opens up your true inner potential. The forward rightly states it, Vampyre's are classy elegant and refined. They are the next level of human evolution. Father Sebastiaan not only founded "The Sanguinarium" and has written several book on Vampyres, the third one whose coming I am looking forward to. Father Sebastiaan is also a fangmith. He designs custom fangs for members of the Strigoi Vii or living Vampyres. He gets the material for this book from his conversations with the clients. The Father always makes note of the fact that there is a great psychological change that comes over his clients when they get their fangs made and they try them.

In his book Father Sebastiaan covers over one hundred topics. Eaach entry is about two pages long. For the sake of summation I like to divide things into Dayside and Nightside categories. This book delves into the Vampyre culture and gives the newbie some information that will help them become part of this culture.

The dayside reality deals with mundane life. Vampyres have to be part of the modern day world. For use in the day side activities is a love of material things that fall within affordability. The Vampyre roams with a sense of independence and commonsense self interest where he or she realizes that they must help themselves first before they can give to other. Inherent in the ideology is a recognition that some people are in fact better at things than other. Nothing it equally distributed. Some have more and some have less. The philosophy embraces reality. Vampyres have a deep love for fine clothes, food and sensual pleasure. They have an inkling for elegance. Seduction and glamor play a part in the dayside mundane reality.

Nightside is the area of magic and the inner world of the vampyre. Many vampyre's being independent use magic as they see fit. Often they will switch paradigms to suit the need and may even mix and match . They are not slave to any one form of magic or the other. The Night side reality discusses the social life of the vampyres and the inner working of the order. Twilight represents the ultimate balance between the two. Vampyres strive for immortality which means taking good care of their health and keeping their body as young as possible.

This book makes a great compliment to the author's first book "The Sanguinomicon" Strive for immortality and all hail Elorath.

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