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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Pillars of Creation

Pillars of Creation
Terry Goodkind, Tor publication

This adventure centers around a young girl named Jensen. Her last name changes constantly as she is one of the ungifted offspring of Darken Rahl and his many affairs. She is Richard Rahl's half sister. The Rahl's had a policy of killing off the ungifted because they not only were devoid of magic but also magic would not work on them. In fact not even prophets could see them in the prophecy. Jensen and her mother had been on thee run for ages staying 10 steps ahead of Darken Rahl's men. Hiding out in the forest they had no idea that Richard Rahl had slain his father and assumed control of the crown. She is also unaware of how different Richard is from his father.

The story opens up with Jensen finding the body of a dead soldier all decked out in the uniform of a Daharan soldier. Out of nowhere comes Sebastian a white haired monk with spikey hair. He comes along in the nick of time and helps her dispose of the body, after all wants Daharan soldiers snooping around. They take the soldiers money and weapons and head off back to Jensen's cabin. They give Sebastian housing in the cave nearby. But soon enough soldiers all decked out in Daharan gear come and slay Jensen's mother.

Jensen resolves to find out the truth and slay Richard Rahl in retaliation for the death of her mother. Sebastian and Jensen set off for the People's Palace in Dahara. Along the way they meet Lathea but she offers no help. She only refers her to Althea the sorceress who helped Jensen and her mother escape from Darken Rahl.

Following close behind is another offspring of Darken Rahl. Ungifted and guided by voices he goes on a killing spree knocking off who ever gets in his way. Oba Rahl is the victim of constant abuse and as many abused children he grows up to bee an abuser himself. He kills Lathea and then later he will kill ALthea after she advises Jensen.

In Dahara they meet up with several adventure including the escape of Sebastian from a Daharan prison. After their escape they make their way over to Jagan and his army who are still trying to conquer the New World. Magic destroys most of Jagangs army. From their they set off to the pillars of creation for the final confrontation. Not everything is as it seems and Jensen is not really such a nice a guy.

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