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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Masks of Misrule

Masks of Misrule
Nigel Jackson
Capall Bann Publishing

Author Nigel Jackson writes a thorough book about the horned god of Europe and his many facets. The book includes rituals and information on following the horned god that could guide the potential seeker who wishes to follow the spiritual path of the horned god. Of course if you are interested in just the history that is fine too. The book goes beyond the scope of Europe and discusses the Middle Eastern aspects of the horned god. The book covers lots of ground and has excellent information. It's only draw back being no bibliography or foot notes.

The Horned God male counter part to Herodia, Diana and Hekate was worshipped through out Europe under a variety of different names. In Gaul he was called Cernunnos, in Italy and Basque he was called Janus or Janicot. His earliest traces were found in India deep inside a cave. Caves are rather significant to the horned god. It is in caves that the horned god was worshipped by the Shamans and their small group of people who were dressed in stag horns.

The horned god was the one people prayed to because he was in charge of the forest. He dispensed health to the livestock and regulated wealth. People would often leave him offerings of bread an milk to appease him and guruntee their inflow of wealth. The horned god of the forest also had other aspects.One was of sacrifice and the other was of death. He was the escort to the world of the dead.

At the Sabbat of Samhain he would die, his blood shed up on the soil to guaruntee survival and well being of the people. He did it so the people would survive. The Sabbat of Samhain was also a time of Misrule when things wnet in reverse. A tie in between times. It was also during this time that the Horned God became the Lord of the Dead.

As a Lord of the Dead the horned God could be rather frightening. On his wild hunt with baying hounds, geese and white stags would pick up those destined to die. If a human was caught in his way while the wild hunt was on that human risked going insane or dying. WHile as God of the dead he would educate people with his tricks and shennanigans.

During the Yule which in certain parts of Europe was celebrated during December and was the rebirth of the Horned God. This time was total reversal celebrated with servants being waited onby their masters and men dressing up as women. When celebrated as Janus or Janicat consort of Diana the book gives mention of a ritual dacnig around the pole.

As the God is resurrected his bones take on special meaning. Earlier societies would save the bones of the animals they killed anjd color them ochre read. Red the color of blood led to ressurection. THe earlier Shaman had a meditation whe in they imagine demons devouring their flesh down to their bones. The demons were internal.

As a fertility God he wood sometimes take the form of Pan , A greek god who had a ravenous appetite. He also took the form of a woodwose or a Green man and regenerated the vegetation in the forest. Followin the horned God were other Woowoses who were fairy folk some time gren and leafy at other times horned and hairy. They were called Bucwas. THe horned God in England was called Buuca or Puck. THis name has indoeuropean origins.

Middle Eastern theology has fused with the theology of the horned god from Europe. In Jewish traditions a goat was sent off into the desert as a sacrificial offering. Azazel was a rebellious angel falen from heaven. He is described as a goat shaped angel and goes under the name of Iblis in the Arab world. According to the left hand path he is the one who illuminated the intelligence of mankind.

The angels when they fell mated with man kind this mixture gave rise to the ones with witch blood or those from Tubal caine. They were metal worker and magic men. Feared and respected.

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