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Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Irish Celtic Mgical Tradition

The Celtic Magical Tradition
Steve Blamires, Thorson's Publishing

Much of what was Celtic life and Druidic wisdom has been lost to us. The Battle of Moytura has been save and translated in this wonderful book. I say wonderful because not only does the author do a great job translating the story but he also gives a great commentary that is truly magickal and he also give practical exercises for the beginning student of magic.
Among the exercises are meditation involving the the cities of origin where the Tuthaa De Dannan learned their magic. There is is also meeting with Deities, setting up your magical space and consecrating your magical weapons. The four weapon of magic are the sword, wand, chalice and the stone. This magical system is easy to comprehend and follow. Thumbs up.
The Fir Bolg were the original inhabitants of Ireland according to myth. The Tuatha De Dannan came over on boats along with the Fomerians conquered Ireland and ended up blending with the Fir Bolg population. In mystical philosophy there are three realms; spiritual,mental and physical. Tuatha De Dannan were spiritual and the Fomerians were mental while the Fir Bolg were physical.
As the Tuatha De Dannan came over they burned their boats leaving no way for them to flee. The Battle was intense the King Nuando lost his hand and had it replaced with a silver hand. What remained of the Fir Bolg united with the Tuatha De Dannan and the Fomerians. However not all of the Fir Bolg remained on Ireland. Several managed to flee to surrounding islands. There were also Fomerians on these islands as well. As a result of being injured Nuando had to step down because an injured or flawed king could not rule the land lest it bring bad luck to the land. The Celtic kings were not absolute rulers the people chose their king and by common consent could have the king step down. Nuando had a silver hand affixed to his wounded arm.
Later in time a Fomerian king would swim across the ocean in silver form and mate with a Tuaatha De Dannan princess. The result would be Bres who would eventually lead the Tuatha De Danaan. He did a bad job as a leader and the people of Ireland had to pay tribute to the Fomerians. Eventually he was asked to step down and Lugh took his place. Bres traveled to the outlying island and got help from the other Fomerians. This would spark Fomerian invasion against Ireland.
The Tuatha De Dannaan fight a pitched and bloody battle aided by strong magic. They were aided by Dagda and his cauldron, the war Goddess Morrigan and Lugh's strong magic.


Princess Pana said...

I Know I don't comment often enough, but I really do love your blog, Steve.

It is a Favourite read ... with a bucket of Starbucks!!

The Granovitch said...

Thanks Pana I am glad you are enjoying the blog. I love Starbucks myself. I have yet to try absinthe but your article tempted me. I can get shot glasses of absinthe at Bev Mo which is near where I live in the Valley. I am currently writing a faerie story. I wonder how it will turn it out. Maybe some help from the Green faerie would do it.


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