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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Engagement....Palestinians with Jewish Roots

To everyone participating in the long discussion: Our targets do not include slandering Islam or verbally (deninitely not otherwise) attacking its followers. We are against ignorance, extremism and corruption that are responsible for the current conflict in our country.

Christine; In Kaballah we learn that the deeds of the people on earth are a sign for those acting from above. What we are doing now is concentrating on lobbying arround politicians to let them realize that there is no other way. That our direction is a win win while the other diections are lose lose.

But we are seeing more and more supporters and more testifying about their Jewish roots almost every day. We are seeing small but somewhat astonoshing miracles here and there, like meeting a cousin of Wahid last Friday whose mother's family owned the house in Deir Yassin where you can see today 2 Stars of David, as appear on our web site. Like Wahid meeting a neighbour he knows for many years whose last name is Judeh, admitting only now that they are Jews. Like sheik Ja'abri from Hebron refusing to admit that his clan is of a Jewish origin, in order not to lose his leadership and last week hearing from an old Bedouin in Mazarib, that in 1968 he heard on the radio the previous sheik Ja'abari telling to Moshe Dayan that they are of a Jewish origin. That Bedouin who is now in pension from the IDF told me that they are insulted if we call them Palestinians. All these coincidences are not accidents, are not random. They show the additional support that we have.

As to the protests: While these had some success on our borders, the PA sent many buses to collect demonstartors. Most of the busses returned empty, and the few that did not, brought few children whishing to have a free trip in a day of a nice weather.

I also heard, but was not able to verify it yet, that one of the candidates for presidency in Egypt, who is not too favoured by the Muslim Brootherhood, said yesterday in El-Manar, Hizballah TV, that soon the Palestinians of Judea & Samaria will become Jews. It may be a fasle alarm, some misunderstanding, but may be it is true that he said it.

Dennis, we are progressing to publish more videos to show Palestinians testifying about their Jewish origins and religious Jewish symbols found in Paletinian locations. If there is anything you can help in this direction, let me know please.

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