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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Bones of Faerie by Janni Lee Simner

The setting of the story is a post apocalyptic world twenty five years after the Faeries and Humans and have gone to war. Modern appliances no longer work. People have returned to old farming and hunting techniques. The nature of the world has changed since the faeries released magic into the world. Tree attack people and animals with their roots. Some people are cursed with magic ability. Those who do have magic ability have clear hair and clear eyes. The main character had a sister named Rebbecca who was born with the cursed magic. Her father sets leaves her out in the wilderness for the Faeries to claim or for her to die. The main character goes out to visit her to see if the Faeries really come she sees a bright light but catches no sight of the baby. Days later her mother disappears. The main Characters has a mean father who beats her for coming home late. She has a friend named Matthew and his grandmother is named Kate. The main character goes to her in ordder to get healed from the grievous welts inflicted by her father. It is there that the main character starts having visions of her mother. THe main character leaves Franklin in order to find her mother. A loyal friend named Matthew and he cat named, Tallow set off with her on her quest. Along the way they are attacked by wild dogs and trees. They are rescued by Karin and taken to Wash ville. There they are healed by Allie and Caleb. After getting healed they set off for the arches that lead into faerie world. Matthew who can turn into a wolf and the main character are joined by allie. During the journey the main character discovers that Matthew and her mother knew about other magical people but kept it hidden from the town folk. She also disccovers that Caleb knew her mother from before the war. In the end the main character rescues her mother and things start going back to normal again.

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