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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The Toltec Path to Freedom

The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal FreedomThe Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom by Miguel Ruiz
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This is one of those simple yet profound spiritual works of art that make you want too say wow! And then run around and share it with everyone else. Yes to is that good . I read this one in a few sittings cause I totally loved it and the wisdom resonated with me.

The author starts off with discussing that the Toltecs were the wise men amongst the Native American population. They were warriors and they were dream masters. They secluded themselves and their wisdom and only released it to those who were worthy or would make proper use of the wisdom knowing full well that one day there would be a time for this wisdom to be widespread and shared with humanity.

There is a dichotomy of dreams, one is the world dream and the other is our personal dream. When we were young we lived in our own dream, totally free too be ourselves but then the world dream imposed itself on our personal dream. So we became domesticated so we could fit in with society. We wear masks hiding our true selves believing that our real selves are not good enough. Society, friends, parents and school chastises us for noon conformity . Inside our own heads the judge punishes us relentlessly for our mistakes. We feel the victim because we tackle the insults people say to us personally. The belief system acts like a parasite using our body and energy to sustain itself.

To free ourselves we have to master the four agreements. The first agreement is be impeccable in your words . Our words create the world we live in. As we speak we create. If we send positive words of gratitude and love then we are magician of light. If we use words to insult people and make them miserable we are doing black magic
The next agreement is do not take things personally . If someone insults us or delivers some other negative comment. It is not abut us rather it is about them. no we we realize this their black magic can not put us in Hell rather it will be easier to remain in a mental heaven. The third agreement is do not make assumptions . We assume if someone smiles they like us. We assume our partner knows what we like and have the appropriate expectations ton go along with. When our assumptions are proven wrong we take it personal and get angry . We need ask questions and communicate. The forth agreement is do your best. Your best varies and fluctuates. We may not succeed at first but we must be warriors and continue to make the effort.

We make agreements order to meld isn't society . Many of these agreements are self limiting. We must reject them . Mitoote isn't when the the cacophony of our fears drowns the dialect of our mind. We must fight this. We must remember that no one can make you feel inferior without your consent .Too be be truly free we must embrace the angel of death and realize that tommorow or today could be our last.

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