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Monday, June 6, 2016

The Art of Berserkergang

Putting on the Wolf Skin: The Berserkergang and Other Forms of SomaferaPutting on the Wolf Skin: The Berserkergang and Other Forms of Somafera by Wayland Skallagrimsson
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The Art of Berserkergang

Most people have been under the impression that berserkers went out with the age of the Vikiing and that their art was truly in fact a lost art. Berserkergang is both an internal and external martial art used by berserkers to not feel paying and too increase their strengths so they could take on multiple opponents. Berserkergang is not dead.

This book spoke to me and reason acted with me in ways I thought it could not have. He makes the claim that Berserkers are a special breed of people who are prone to feeling their emotions more acutely then others and can be rather boisterous or. Go in shutdown mode because society cannot accept their personalities. Berserkers types can also get really angry if they are wronged in the slightest. This really does sound like me. It is definitely the author.

The author went ahead and studied Berserkergang by exploring old Norse texts and attempting to glean both the history and techniques from those works. Berserkergang is a form of somafra where in the Berserker gets into a state of mind that enable him or her to ignore pain and have extra strength. Somnafera is practiced by tantric practitioners, Celtic Mainads, Christian Pentecostal and a a few others.

Years ago the author set up an online forum for those interested in Berserkergang, it eventually evolved into people meeting and discussing different for of Somnafera . They would spar with hands fleet and weapons all in the effect of improving their technique and learning more.

The boiled things down to some techniques to get into Berserkergang which I plan on using, 1) Involves using mediation to clear the mind. 2) Invocations to Odin 3) Ecstatic Dancing 4) Pain causing techniques. Once Bersergang is properly have reached both sides of the mind are unified and the back part of the brain takes control. THe sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system are in parity.

The book is divided into two parts.The first part deals with Berserkergang strictly while the second part deals with Somnafera . These states of mind can be used for problem solving and entering into a trance state. The author developed most of these techniques in league with peers and some reading. While not heavily to researched from an academic standpoint he does bring in multiple points of view to support his points. I like it.

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