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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Enter the Temple of Set

The Temple of Set IThe Temple of Set I by Michael A. Aquino
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Enter the Temple of Set

Going backward in order to further the cause of evolution. Michael Aquino founder of the Temple of Set having frown frustrated with the Church of Satan decided along with other members of the Church to branch off and found a new organization. This book by Michael Aquino documents why he left the Church of Satan and went on to found the Temple of Set. THe book outlines differences between the two organizations and why The Temple of Set is the step in the next direction of evolution.

The Church of Satan, which started on Walpurgis Night 1966 lasted until 1975. It promoted an atheistic and hedonistic style of life. As much it was based around the colorful personality of Anton Lavey. The Church itself was filled with contradiction and Anton Lavey dealt his organization the death blow when he decided to sell priesthoods and degrees for financial contribution instead of having them do the hard work to earn those degrees.
The Church itself had many contradictions. In one it claimed that after we died that was it , we were gone. It also claimed that there were no deities and the rituals were just for psychodrama . The contradiction was that privately it was taught that Satan was the master of darkness and to a great extent personal freedom.

After 1975, Michael Aquino founded a new organization which he documents quite thoroughly in this book. A detailed account that sometimes reads like meeting notes. One problem with the image of Satan is that it was tided up in Judeo-Christian imagery and cabalistic coding. THe Temple of Set tried to get away from all of that and get back to an earlier image of the prince of darkness. after all in Christian myths Satan is destined to lose. So they chose Set. Personally I like Set.He is bad ass.THE temple of Set went back to the beginning, Egypt. THE Temple of Set does believe in life after death and have adopted the seven parts of soul according to Ancient Egyptian Religion and a history of Egypt. Set was not always the bad guy, in fact he was called upon to defend Egypt and many Pharaohs were named after him. It was the priesthood of Osiris that demonized him.

Going from the organization of the temple , the author gives us a surgery of Setian beliefs. What follows is an adventure into Greek Philosophy, Egyptian mysticism, Mesopotamian legend, Ouspensky, and Gurdjieff. Discussion focus on wakefulness versus psychic slumber. Michael Aquino also discussed topics such as the subjective universe versus the objective universe. Very informative and very enlightening. He also compared and contrasted the degree system between such magical orders as the Golden Dawn, Church off Satan and Temple of Set.

Next is a discussion on Right Hand Path and LEft hand path. THE Right hand path which seeks to dissolve our seperate identity into the greater whole is thought by Setians to be naught but illusion. We were meant to be seperate from the Objective Universe. The LEft Hand Path strives to enhance our individuality.

MAgic, there are four type of magic. White magic is like prayer, you pray and it enacts the alpha wave making one very open to suggestion . It is a form of delusion . Lesser Black Magic uses natural laws to manipulate the Objective universe. Much like a stage magician or a crafty sales person. Greater Black Magic aims at using our personal pawer to manipulate ourn subjective universe so we can apply that to the objective universe. The Medial Black magic is a combination of the two. THE best way to describe it is like the witch Angeliqe in that well known movie where if she wishes to do a magical action she merely lights a candle or stares out into the moon and states her will. So it happens simplicity is the key and complex rituals are for people who need training wheels.

For your ritual you will need to prepare the chamber. Make it dark minimal candle. Dress for your workingn in a way that is most comfortable and one that is appropriate for the direction of your working. Ring your bell 9 times in each direction. Light your black flame and invoke Set.


In the name of Set the prince of darkness. I enter into the realm of creation to work my will upon the universe. O majesty of set hear me look upon me and go with me on my hourney. Enfold me with the powers of darkness let them become as one with me as I becomeOne with the Eternal Set whose seat is behind the constellation of the thigh As I stand forth my most exalted and sublimee self armpit within the pentagram of Set and the scepter of Tcham that it may defy all constraint , dismay challengers and cast doown all that is moved to appear against it.

Leet then my eyes become the eyes of Set, My strengths become the strengths of Set My will become the Will of Set AS a fire in the darkness I am become as air in the sky. I am become as Earth in Space I am become as warted in the desert I am become. I dwell in the fane of the flame Time bows before my will I am the lord of life, Death and life in death, HErar then this doom which i pronounce and beware the ka which now comes into being tour the art which is mine to command

Drink from the grail. Summon the elements, do the working, Extinquish the flame, ring the bell say "Son it is done"

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