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Monday, November 30, 2015

The Sirius Mystery

The Sirius Mystery: New Scientific Evidence of Alien Contact 5,000 Years AgoThe Sirius Mystery: New Scientific Evidence of Alien Contact 5,000 Years Ago by Robert K.G. Temple
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The Sirius Mystery

“It’s aliens I tell you?” Yeah Yeah we have heard it all before. Zecharia Sitchin hypothesized that aliens came from a planet with an extreme elliptical orbit around our sun called Nabiru. The planet comes into contact with ours supposedly every 3,600 years and that aliens cam to our planet and spliced our genes. Now this is based on his reading of Sumerian, Egyptian and biblical scripture. Robert Temple has a more realistic theory and demonstrates his knowledge of pagan mysteries by elucidating Egyptian, Sumerian and Greek mysteries.

The ancient Egyptians used to connect the Sirius star with Isis. It would disappear for about 70 days and then reappear bringing with it a flood on the Nile. The African tribe of Dogon also worshipped the Sirius star and they knew before modern science caught on that there was a Sirius B Star and a Sirius C star. Robert Temple revealed this knowledge in his book and the scientific community did not take him seriously in fact many big time organizations gave him a real rough time. His basic thesis is that several thousand years ago Aliens came from a planet that was from the Sirius star system and visited the planet Earth. They were amphibious in nature resembling the appearance of mermaids. It is from them that we get some of our earliest achievements, like building the pyramids and mapping the Arctic Circle before science even knew what it looked like without ice. These amphibious aliens existed in the water at night and then returned to their water chamber at night.

Looking at some of mankind’s achievements it becomes clear that some form of higher intelligence was at play here. We cannot duplicate some of this stuff today.. Some would speculate that it was all Aliens, some would say that we are not giving ancient man enough credit. Others would say that there were human civilizations going further back in time than we realize. Some would say that Atlantis was such a civilization and then it was destroyed by some cataclysm. Robert Temple rejects all that. He has his own theory and it does sound pretty plausible especially when he shows you direct quotes from Ancient Historians that describe the merman like nature of Oannes , who came from the sea and enlightened mankind.

Whether or not I buy into his theory is a big question, but I do know there are lots of planets, galaxies an star systems out there so there is a good possibility that there is life on other planets an it certainly is possible they have contacted mankind. It still need to see more proof. Could it have ben that these mermen were natural inhabitant of this planet, an in between phase between amphibian and mankind.? Could be . Robert Temple does not claim that his theory is 100 percent correct as it is just a theory. I will tell you one thing though , he has found a way to show his reader that all these ancient philosophies and religions come from a common source and he draws those connections extremely well.

Whether you are into Ancient Alien theories or not this is one awesome book,

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