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Saturday, July 4, 2015

THe Ordeal Path

Dark Moon Rising: Pagan Bdsm & the Ordeal PathDark Moon Rising: Pagan Bdsm & the Ordeal Path by Raven Kaldera
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When one hears the words like pain, submission, ropes or any other similar word normally one would tend to cringe. If i told you that pain and submission could be used for spiritual growth you would look mat me as though I were nuts. Truth be told pain and submission have been used for spiritual growth. Think of monks going into a monastery they sometimes give up their right to talk, they eat set meal times and are forced to live a life of austerity. This is submission to god. In the movie "DaVinci Code" we saw an albino monk whip himself quite regulary and tie something rather painful around his thigh. Thee pain could have been used to toughen him , expiate sins or force him into s certin state of mind. Some of the more painful rituals include the Lakota sun dance where in the celebrant put hooks though his body and supends himself . those hooks do leave scars. The pain supposedly puts them more in touch with the gods.

With the passing of the rule for gay marriage and Bruce transforming himself into Caitlyn, this is a time of celebration for the communities of alternative sex and lifestyles. Now whether such stuff has appealed  to you in the past well that is another story. Using BDSM tactics for spiritual growth will leave some wondering . Many CHristians feel that BDSM belonmgs to the realm of "Fifty Shades of Grey" Many neo pagans are very uncomfortable with inflicting pain and forcing submission . Yet on the the other hand there are people that feel a strong need to live that lifestyle.

In rituals is is the submissive who build the energy and it is the top who guides the energy. The top or master can use the pain to help the submissive reach a gnosis or certain state of mind . THe top also acts as a guide for the submissive taking him to the underworld and back. Pain can also be a helpful catharsis to relieve traumatic events.

Raven Kaldera himself a transgendered individual is quite knowledgeable about dwelling in those in between states. This book here which is the first I have read from him represents an excellent book. He has done his research and produced a top rate product. Raven describes the BDSM thoroughly and and all the interrelated magicals parts that could come along with it. I liked the techniques for charging user specific and purpose specific tools. There ar also seasonal rituals which use BDSM. Raven also discusses the top or dominants obligation towards the submissive and that that the dom is him or herself a slave or the gods meant to do their work.

Several other authors have written pieces and essays that add to the flavor of this book. Galina Krasskova tells how she was selected by ODin to be her bride. AUthor Jennifer Hunter tells of how she was seraching for a dominant pagan man and how the search continues. Joshua Raven's slave also writes severl essays.

This book is well reseached with plenty of reference to older cultures using pain for spirtual transcendeance. Flogging, hook suspencion, bondage, different pairing are discussed in detail.No review could capture all the details of this book..

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