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Monday, July 20, 2015

Dynamite Comes in Small Packages

Paper in My ShoePaper in My Shoe by Catherine Yronwode
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THis thin little volume is packed with information on practical spell craft . There is no theory or theology in this one.....straight up Hoodoo spell craft involving written petitions. Written by Cathererine Yronwode, a foremost authority on Hoodoo, this books tells how to use written petition in Hoodoo. 

Using the written word for magic has a long history in magic going all the way back to the Sumerian times. THe Sumerians would use clay bowls with writing that started from the edge and made it's way to  the center. That way when demon's read it they  would go all the way to the center of the bowl and be trapped. ANother version has it going in the opposite direction. THe sumerians were not the only ones to use writing in magic. THe Greeks used lead tablets to write down spells. AFter writing what they wanted they would fold the lead sheet and nail it shut. From their they would throw it into a body of water or bury it in a graveyard. THe Norse used rune staffs to cast magic spells.

Among the several technique taught, are how to make a name paper , a paper petition and some cool ways to write words to increase the effect. Written parchment can be carried on your person, made into a mojo bag even burned with the ashes being swallowed or used as a linament. Uses for these techniques include money spells, love spells, protection spells and crossing spell. Would like to give you an example of each.

For example if you are a gambler you might get a whole nutmeg and wrap it with a signalized two dollar bill, including a mercury dime. Fold the money toward you. A simple mojo to attract love would be to write out a square name paper of the person you wish to attract. Fold it into a packet along with dried rose petal, coriander seed, tonk a bean and the person's hair. Once complete you can keep this as part of your person. A good protection spell would involve writing psalm 91 on paper and then burning it to ash. This could be mixed water for drinking or rubbed in as part of a massage oil.

Dynamite comes in small packages and this book though 96 pages is loaded with techniques. For all you spell casters this book is for you.

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