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Monday, May 4, 2015

The Dragon King

Vlad Dracula: The Dragon PrinceVlad Dracula: The Dragon Prince by Michael Augustyn
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The Dragon Prince

Since the release of the movie "Dracula :Untold" the real story about Vladimir the Impaler has been slowly getting out. Yet this story like others does have him turning into a vampire at the end. Taking place circa 1450-the 1470's when Dracula's three reign s occurred in Wallachia, not Transylvania , as teh legend would have you believe. The story stick pretty close to the truth of what was going down historically.

The Ottoman Empire, Hungary and the smaller states are set in war against each other with the little states choosing sides in greater battle while trying to maintain their independence as best they can. With in this greater conflict are several micro conflicts . The Orthodox church is vying for it's interest in Wallachia as are the aristocratic boyars, the kings and the Church. Dracula's rule is constantly being undermined and that is something that he will have to deal with. Not only is there a clash of religions but there is also a clash within religion. Islam vs Christianity, Orthodox Church versus the Roman Catholic Church. Different European powers competing against each other with some signing separate treaties with the Turks.

Dracula was the second sone of Dracul. Growing up as a hostage in the Sultan Murad's court, Dracula finally returns to take his rightful crown. In a bloody seige against Tirgavoste, Dracula retakes his throne with the help of Turkish military. Upon conquest the Turks rape pillage and plunder the cityu much against Dracula's will but he cannot do anything about it. His hold over the kingdom does not last long. Joining up with relatives in Moldavia he fights on their side building up alliances and skill. He takes his kingdom back a second time.His second time is the most famous reign. It is when he cleans up the kingdom from vagabonds, greedy boyars and other internal enemies of state. THe second reign was when he stood up to the Turks and took the battle to them. Dracula ultimately failed and his brother took teh throne to run it for the turks. The third eeign was short live. Undone by treachery of allies more so then Turkish military might. Dracula is captured in the end and destine for his ultimate demise.

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