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Friday, May 15, 2015

Finnish Galdrcraft

The Pre- And Proto-Historic Finns, Both Eastern and Western, with the Magic Songs of the West Finns (Volume 2)The Pre- And Proto-Historic Finns, Both Eastern and Western, with the Magic Songs of the West Finns by John Abercromby
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Part two of a rather dated two volume work. Where as the first book covered the history and archaeology of the pre historic Finns as well as their biology and prevailing customs of the time. This book goes straight into the meat of the matter and discusses the songs used in order to invoke magic. This book has more value for the anthropologist studying up ion the subject mater then it does for the aspiring magician or someone who really wants to practice magic. Not many modern practitioners will have read this work, buit they may want to.

The current work in no way shape or form mentions anything about what herbs they used in conjunctions with the songs nor was there any mention of candles. So one can assume that the songs were sung just as they were in regards to the situation at hand. However, you might be able to add to it.
This book is definitely not Wiccan.

Most of the songs invoke old Finnish deities along with Jesus, his Mother Mary and a few angels. For many these song spells will not address modern day needs. There are no money spells and there is very little cursing of enemies. Plenty of the songs deal with helping crops grow, protecting those crops and protecting farm animals. There are spells for healing burns, wounds and even such maladies as pleurisy and pneumonia. After several of the song spells there are origin stories about everything under the sun andd then some. Most of the spells operate on a story telling motif. Guess this would be a use of sympathetic magic. The book relies on galdercraft which is spoken magic and stories do have their magical power.

If baltic paganism is your thing or if you just want to study old magic system then this book might be worth c

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