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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Memories of Death

MEMENTO MORI A Collection of Magickal and Mythological Perspectives On Death, Dying, Mortality and BeyondMEMENTO MORI A Collection of Magickal and Mythological Perspectives On Death, Dying, Mortality and Beyond by Julian Vayne
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survey of death

Those who are born are destined for death. Are you afraid of what comes after? Where do we humans go once we die and our soul leaves it's body. Do we go to Heaven, He'll or do we reincarnate. This book will present you with many points of view and your opinion will be up to you.

The philosophies covered vary from Haitian Vodou, Celtic views, Egyptian views. Finally at the end the reader is treated to some poems and songs dealing with death.

papa Ghede is one of the principals of the dead. He is also one of the lustiest and raunchiest of the Loa. It is meant to show that Thanatos and Eros are firmly connected. The Ghede are the dead who died unbsptised or angry. They still roam around the earth. Most spirits who die dive into a Great Lake and parts of their soul become the lowa.

Zombies are present in European theology, voodoo and Chinese Zimbies. In the Norse world there are several types of Zombies the most famous is the Druagar. The body dies but then comes back and lives in a funeral barrow. It also eats flesh and guards it's treasure. The Voodoo method involve burying someone alive, giving them psychoactive drugs and then digging them up. The brain damage makes them pliable. The voodoo practitioners believe they capture part of the soul so they can control the individual. The Jiang Shi is a Chinese zombie that eats flesh.

In the Celtic world you have tradition witches who sea the lord and lady as both agents of light and darkness. They act as psychosomatic to the real area of the dead. The versions of the Greek afterlife, Celtic are presented in detail.

Egyptian cannibalism and Sets revealing of the secrets of the after life are discussed
This book has contributions from several great authors. Enjoy!

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