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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Life of Kabuko the Jinn

Kabuko the DjinnKabuko the Djinn by Hamraz Ahsan
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Parting is such sweet sorrow. The decisions we make affect us for the rest of our lives. This story is one of those stories that engage in such themes.

Unlike most other jinn stories this one takes place in Pakistan . But them jinn live all over the place . Kabuko is a member of a jinn tribe that makes bird like sounds and communicate with birds. Kabuko is a jinn that longs to understand the human existence and glean some occult knowledge that humans know . His parents and other tribe members are not so understanding. To help him in his endeavor he consults a lady named Kiya. They engage in a relationship and she teaches him what he needs to learn.

Kabuko's first attempt to inhabit a human body ends up in failure so he decides to try again. His parents try to stop him. The boy he inhabits , Ajee Shah, is a sayed, a descendant of Muhammad. Ajee's uncle gives the ok.

So Kabuko experiences life through Ajee's eyes. Together they expose Jinn learning in a madrassa, jinn inhabiting a tree who fell in love with Ajee's ancestors. They feed a snake named Babaji who protects treasure and guides people through the woods. Encounter a snake charmer who introduces Ajee to a prostitute to teach him About love.

Ajee's brother , Kerman shah gets involved with alchemy. Making to mercury balls go solid. Bhoa last teaches some secrets. In the end Ketman perishes in a flood.

Bhao lar takes Ajee under his wing and introduces him to a dervish. Together they explore spiritual worlds and discover enlightenment .

Ajee also falls in love with a female Jinn. They marry and have a child.

Things proceed to the end but I will leave that for you to r

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