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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Elven Nation

The Dragon Legacy: The Secret History of an Ancient BloodlineThe Dragon Legacy: The Secret History of an Ancient Bloodline by Nicholas, Prince de Vere
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Going along the same lines as Laurence Gardner, Nicholas De Vere, a member of the Dragon court documents the history of the Dragon Royalty who once ruled over humanity in an enlightened fashion that brought on a period of the Golden Age. They originated in the Carpathian Mountain near Transylvania and archeologists have found evidence of a pre Sumerian Language mentioning Enki and Enlil. The language samples pre-date the Sumerian civilization by a couple thousand years. This has been proven. From there these Scythians moved Southward into Sumeria were they set up their civilization. From their they would move to Egypt and set up the Sobekh or crocodile Dynasty. Other royals moved Eastward into Europe. In Egypt and other Middle Eastern centers Dragon kings were anointed with crocodile fat and were called messeh (anointed). Flooding drove them down into the different regions.

The Gods were not viewed so much as Gods but rather as ancestor spirits. Since the Dragon royalty had a different blood and somewhat different brain structure then the rest of humanity, these shining ones could communicate with their dead ancestors. Faery raths or barrows being similar to Sumerian Ziggurats and Egyptian pyramids were used as places for communing with the dead. This earned these folks the title of witches.

Their superiority rests in the enlarged pineal gland which could produce more melatonin which brought about transcendent trance like states which enabled them to see further into the future and be better leaders. They were oft called Oupir or over lords. Ouppir is central European for Vampire. These over lords would connect with a grail maiden who of Dragon blood and they would share blood consensually. The blood was rich in hormones like melatonin which gave the Dragon King more foresight and longevity. If a Dragon king wanted his sovereignty he had to marry a dragon queen, even if it was his sister. Since most melatonin is produced at night they tended to be nocturnal.

The Donation of Constantine changed all that . The document an obvious forgery stated that Constantine, himself a Dragon King, gave the Church permission to appoint kings in Europe. The legitimate Merovingians were deposed and those of Dragon Blood were hunted down and deligitimised.

Nicholas De Vere has put together a pretty tight picture. He has delved into European lore and connected all the pieces. The book is loaded with details and in depth explanations that make what he says very believable. De Vere comes forward with lots of common sense.

For would be occultists he warns that not everyone can do magick. You need to have the dragon blood. His views along with mine are tending to support this. There are lots of people who are doing rituals that produce no results. Maybe they do not believe enough or maybe the rituals are not complicated enough. Or they just don't have the blood. For wanna be vampires the lash of common sense is not spared. He lays to waste the theory of psychic vampire and fools that try to drink blood thinking they will get a benefit. he lambasts even more severely those who try to take the blood by force.

Historical fact seems to indicate that the Sumerians came from Central Europe. This has been proven in professional archaeology. The kings of Scotland, Judea and Egypt are all connected somehow or at least that is what the author states. The interconnectedness of royalty is a view that is gaining more acceptance. The Jewish presence in Egypt has lead to an acceptance that the Davidic Line descended from Pharoah. Highly plausible. Jesus's bloodline then went to southern France and was part of the Merovingian lines. This theory is starting to bear fruit in recent research. What makes it more convincing is that the Davidic line had a princedom in southern France more particularly the area of Narbonne.

There also seems to be evidence pointing to a race of beings that preceded todays mankind. They had an advanced civilization and they were the ones who enlightened mankind in general. Sometimes there are described as elves or short people. The bible would call them Nephilim or the Annunaki. JRR Tolkien would have them be his first born elves. There is something to this.

Yet I cannot find myself buying into this thesis whole heartedly. Nicholas De Vere has read his books and he does quote them in his writing yet he does not have a bibliography. He should have one. Some of his facts are wrong. While he has a right to maintain that his Dragon people have been the most persecuted, he gets it wrong on some of the numbers. While mentioning that the Jews have suffered as much he quote the number murdered in the Holocaust as four million. The number was six million plus. he also states that Left Handed spirituality aims at uniting with god head. My research has indicated that Right Hand Spirituality aims at unifying with god head and that left hand spirituality aims at individual deification and realization of potential. If he got this wrong it makes me question what else has gotten wrong.

The enlightened being I can accept but super humans holding at a level that man can never attain. I think man can evolve to their level and develop spiritually. Some groups may have advance more due to environmental circumstances. The blood drinking OK I get that some societies back in the day worked wit blood and sexual fluids but Nicholas De Vere needs to prove his point with some documentation.

Over all I would say that I agree with a good portion of the book even if I do question the thesis a little bit. This article might be interesting. There could be something to the bloodlines.

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