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Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Calling to the Craft

A Deed Without a Name: Unearthing the Legacy of Traditional WitchcraftA Deed Without a Name: Unearthing the Legacy of Traditional Witchcraft by Lee Morgan
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What can I say this is a great book for those who feel a calling for traditional witchcraft of a non-wiccan variety. I would say that the book gives a great overview for those just starting on the path. As for those who have read a lot of material and are practicing on their own without a mentor this book will teach you a few things as well. Several notable author's are referred to which will give one further fuel to continue their quest. Such greats as Emma Wilby, Carlo Ginzburg,Claude Lecoeux and a few other.

The book covers a liminal space between myth and scholarship while giving a good strong taste of both. Some of the topics covered are how witches are called to the craft, forming alliances with the different spirits, different animals the witch will ally with and the parts of the soul. This great overview offers a quick read and a very enjoyable experience. The end of the book has some working that you can do to discover your daimon, allies and doubles.

Witches are called to the craft in a variety of ways just as their are a great variety of witches. Some care called forth in dreams where they meet their spirit guide or dead ancestor. Sometimes they will endure great sickness before receiving their powers. Traditional Witchcraft is more aptly compared to Shamanism. Shaman's will have plant, animal and spirit allies. Most cross over to the spirit world to bring good to the community while the bad ones may do it for selfish cause or to do harm. The Benadnati in Italy are ones who fight for the good. Sometimes witch will be marked by being born with a caul, six fingers or extra teeth. It ccould alos be the seventh son of the seventh son. The witch can cross into the realm of spirit both the realm of the dead and nature spirits. A witch will make a pacts with the faerie royalty, devil and damme Sans Merci at the crossroads which could be physical or a cross meeting place between the world of spirit and the physical world.

The witches initiation also can coincide with a carnal relationship of sorts with the devil, faerie queen or spirit guardian. It is of described as being hard and cold. Spirit allies are fed by the humans. This can be done with blood, milk fat or other sorts of fat. If the spirit ally gets nourishment from the witches blood there could be a tell tale mark, like between the knuckles, on the feet or near the breast.

The soul can be divided into three so to speak. The Daimon is a guardian spirit usually inherited from the family. It is usually the opposite gender of the witch. The next level is the astral double which can human form or animal form. It is usually powered by the shadow. The second skin can sometimes be taken and used by someone elses shadow. They refer to this as being hag ridden

The witch can release their inner beast. But it has got to be kept in balance with the flame of human reason. Just as animals can ridden so too can plants. THe double enables witches to commune with the dead, march with faeries , astral travel and go to sabbats. Getting to the spirit realm one must come upon a power spot. It is here that one must make friends with the guardian dragon in order to enter.

This easy to read book covers lots of material. To find out more I advise that your read it.

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