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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Vampire Psychology

Vampires in Their Own Words: An Anthology of Vampire VoicesVampires in Their Own Words: An Anthology of Vampire Voices by Michelle Belanger
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When I first heard the term psychic vampire I automatically assumed that it was some pesky person who hung around you and annoyed so much that you felt drained just from being around them. They would leach off you, much like a moocher who has no money. Real vampires of course were the work of fiction and lore and in no way shape or form could ever possibly exist. That a psychic vampire could send out astral tendril and feed off of someone's aura because of their own energy imbalance to me was just like a joke. I did not believe in the existence of vampires.

It was not this book that changed my point of view, I should say that it was Father Sebastian's Sanguinomicon that brought me around. Like me there are other that burn off energy really quickly an thus need it replaced. Of course I do not consider my self a psychic vampire. My entire life I have been addicted to things , especially caffeine that give someone extreme jolts of energy. I a may not be a vampire but I also may have lots in common with them.

This book has essay from Michelle and various other members in the vampire community. These community members discuss a wide variety of topics ranging from awakening to who they are, community structure, vampire donor relations, ethical feeding, relation with Pagans and Ceremonial magicians and the use of blood in rituals. The book was a captivating read that I finished in about two days and it was enjoyable. More over it moved my position a bit and spoke about things with which I was familiar.

There are two types of vampires sanguine and psychic vampires. Sanguine vampires get their needed energy from blood while psychic vampires get their energy from other people's energy. Sanguine vampires usually only require a small amount of blood to meet their energy needs. I still do not buy into sanguine vampires. I think they need help. There are is instruction in the book on how to feed safely with blood. There is also tips on how psychic vampires should feed.

If one wants an in depth view of the vampyre community then I strongly suggest you get this view. It will answer you questions and whole lot more.

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