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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Dark Goddess

Celtic Lore & Spellcraft of the Dark Goddess: Invoking the MorriganCeltic Lore & Spellcraft of the Dark Goddess: Invoking the Morrigan by Stephanie Woodfield
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Most of us are familiar with Morrigan in her guise as Morgana La Fey, King Arthur’s wicked half sister who seduces him and is constantly trying to bring down his kingdom. Morgana was portrayed in very negative light. It was not until “Mists of Avalon” came out that she was finally portrayed in a positive light. The Morrigan is in fact an ancient goddess of the Tuatha d’Dannan. She blessed the warriors with strength as they fought against the Fir Bolgs. Later on Tuatha D’Danan would fight against the Fomorians. They were victorious in that battle. The Tuatha D Danan were finally defeated by the Milesians and driven into mounds. They are supposed to be the good folk or the faeries. With the advent of male dominated Christianity the old gods and goddesses were either converted into saints or demonized. Morrigan became demonized.
The Morrigan is called, depending on your translation, Goddess of the Sea or water ways, Queen of the faeries, Dark Goddess and the queen of the night. Morrigan is a goddess of war and of love. She took lovers as she would, fought in battle and wielded magic. She yielded to no one. The Christians could not tolerate such a female. She was a woman who stood equal with the men. Which is the way it was in Celtic society.
There are more Celtic war goddesses then there are Celtic war gods. In Celtic society women stood as equals. They could divorce as easily as a man and they even fought alongside men in battle. They were property owner and business owners. True equals.
The Morrigan is a triple goddess just like Hekate and the Wiccan conception. But she is so much more complex then that. Her several guises include Badb, Macha,Morrigu and even Anu and Danu. The Morrigan is the maiden, mother and Crone. She is also the Queen who gives the king his right to maintain sovereignty over the land. If the king loses her favor then she rejects him and couple with someone else.
My original intention with this book was to check it out of the library, read it take notes an then return it. But there is way too much good stuff in this that I had to purchase the kindle edition. The author’s book give the reader a very through history of Morrigan and her role in Celtic history. A great starting point for the novice historian. The author supports what she says with a very in depth telling of the different stories the Morrigan is covered in. For those who want to work extensively with the Morrigan the book offers spells, spellcrafts, mediations and rituals. The book is filled with formulas for incenses and oils. For someone just checking out the Morrigan or really wanting to work with her this book is for you.
This book goes beyond Wicca 101 and you may find that a good introductory book on Wicca or Witchcraft would be very helpful. Enjoys your journeys with the Goddess.

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