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Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Sages of Morocco

Abir Yaacov is a book that cover the lives of all the saintly patriarch of the Abuchatzira clan. The most noted patriarch of this Jewish Dynasty was Baba Sali who lived out his days in Netivot, Israel which is close to Beersheva. The family which hails from Tafilat Morocco had their roots in Jerusalem. The father of the dynasty Rabbi Shmuel Hatizira is the one who moved his family to Damascus Syria. He was well noted for his miracles. He could make a boat cruise across the mediterannean in a couple of hour. He was known for taking his magic carpet and gliding along side a boat. When he arrived in Damascus he would confront two sorceresses. One trapped him for a while and forced him to make carpet and another would way lay morners at a funeral.

Eventually the family moved to Morocco. The head of the family who was in Morocco helped a Jewish women divorce her husband. Later on the wife and the head of the family had a dream where the head of the family was told to take her as a second wife. From this second wife was born Yaacov Abuchatizira , better known as the Abir Yaacov" He would be the Saint of his generation. His miracles would revive the dead, heal the sick and save the Jewish people from calamity. He built his Yeshiva "Abir Yaacov" His miracle would continuen even after his death when enroute to the Holy Land he passed away and was buried in Diamanhor Egypt. To this day his gravesite is a pilgrimage for Jews and non Jews alike.

He left behind him four sons. R. Masud, R Aharon, R Yisthak and R. Avraham. Rebbe Massud would carry on leader ship of the dynasty while, Rebbe Aharon made sure that Abir Yakov's books were getting published. Rebbe Yitzhak was a heavy drinker but it helped him study torah. He could also command natural elements. Reb Avraham who paeed away at 52 was a rather reclusive doing many tikkunim.

After Reb Massud passed on. The crown of the dynasty fell in the quiet Reb David the Baba Sali's older brother. After his murder by a mudererous rebel the Baba Sali took over.

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