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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Radiant Shadows

Radiant Shadows
Melissa Marr, Har[per Collins
February, 2011

Ani is half faery and half mortal daughter of Gabriel leader of the hunt's wolf pack. Her mother was supposedly killed when she was young leaving her a survivor along with her brother rabbit, and sister Tisha. As of late she has been living with Gabriel's hound who are not allowed to fall in love with her unless they can beat Gabriel in battle. Ani is going through changes, her faery blood is over taking her mortal blood. She feeds off of emotions like most of the faeries of the dark court do. But she also feeds off of skin contact. She get's energy from it.

Devlin is a product of Sorcha queen of the high court and Bananach queen of the Chaos court. He has both of their blood lines running through his veins. His past is connected with Ani's. He spared her life and kept it from Sorcha his sister/ mother. Devlin is also breaking out on his own and has a unique destiny that he will share with Ani.

Banach wants Ani for her unique blood. It can make the faeries more powerful. Devlin is sworn out of desire to defend Ani. The ending is pleasant and surprising. The wall between the fae and mortal is re established. Balance is restored as Devlin and Ani fiond their place.

This book is real good. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it not only for the excellent story but also for hints of mythology that shine through the cracks. THis author has done her research. Great book for adult, kids and faery lovers.

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