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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Stricken yet Crowned

Stricken yet Crowned
Michelle Spoden, Sakura Publishing

Author Michelle Spoden writes about a traumatic incident that happened during her childhood an incident that would change her entire life. Born in Ohio to two parents who frequently had intense arguments that often ended up in physical abuse, Michelle Spoden has had a very difficult childhood. Her father had a gambling habit and succumbed to mental illness after her parents divorced. Michelle's mother would marry Valentino a man connected with the Mafia.

Years before the incident Michelle's mother was receiving a series of very bizarre phone calls. The phone calls were very sexual in nature. After an emotionally tense time with her step father Michelle retreated to her room. It was that night when someone broke in and the terrible incident occurred....she was raped. Everyone tried to blame the step father but it was not him. instinctively she knew who it was.

Years go by with the fear that the person who did this horrible deed is still out there. Michelle had difficulty sleeping and developed an alcohol problem. She was sent to a rehabilitation center at 17. She would eventually marry Mustapha and open a grocery store with him. The marriage ended in divorce. Michelle was never fully accepted by Mushapha's family and it was her husband that pushed her into getting an abortion.

Thirty years later after finding Christ Michelle sought justice. After thirty years the case was closed and the authorities would not pursue the matter. The victim was victimized by the system that was supposed to protect her. Her life is filled now with involvement in the Church and counseling others in need. She id dedicated to helping female survivors of rape and also documents countries were women are institutionally are abused

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