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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Freestyle Sorcery

The Pseudonomicon
Phil Hine, The Falcon Press
2009 , Fourth Printing

A short read that breezes you effectively into Chaos magick. I should warn you however that this book may shake your foundations and give you a different view of magic then what you are used to. Getting to know the deities of the Ctullu mythos is a process that may well lead to madness. But then again why practice magic if you are not ready to have your visions of reality challenged and deconstructed. To fully know the gods is to let their madness was over you. Ctullu is a giant octopus being that dwells in the deeps of the ocean in a city called Ryeleh. When he opens one of his eyes from his sleep it send a psychic ripple across the planet. But if you read HP Lovecraft's Dunwich Horror or Mountains of Madness you would realize that these deities care not a whit for human kind and you may ask yourself why you would wanna work wit such entities?

Phil Hine is a leader in the Chaos Magic community he launches into a short pamphlet sized book on some ways you can work with these deities, advantages and who these deities are. The cool thing I like about Chaos magick is that it is a form of freestyle magic that is based on using techniques that work for you and totally throws out the dogma. Who needs dogma and since when does it bring success or liberation. Most successful people have broken away from dogma and done their own thing. Freethinking.

Working with Ctullu mythos is uncharted territory no one has written extensive works on how to work with these deities. So there is plenty of room to experiment and find what works for you. While it is not said in so many words workibng with the mythos is really about self transformation and change. By merging with these deities into their world you cast spells to change yourself and evolve. To reach these deities you have to go to lonely desolate places usually out there in nature. This is not like the Golden Dawn Temple where you need to practice indoors for best results. Reaching and working with these deities may well involve using means of achieving ecstasy to reach gnosis. Several techniques to reach gnosis are discussed. Techniques include words of power, shape shifting, dream control, slipping into fear and personality deconstruction. Practice this and it will change your life.

Who are these deities in the Ctullu mythos and who would want to worship deities that are in reality fictitious and are the product of HP Lovecraft's imagination. The first being discussed is Yog Soggoth. He is the gate keeper of the Great Old Ones.He is your first experience when dealing with the old ones. Coming into contact with this being may invoke fear and it is this phase that is called "Fear The Beast" It is essential that one try to feel their fear and ananlyze every detail of it. In other words feel it 100 percent. Azazoth is called the blind idiot god. Comparable to a blob with an eye in the Middle. He takes on many forms and then slips back into formlessness, He churns the surface and forms the shapes. This entity challenges us to foranm inner vision and not stay with any form permanently. Azazoth is an experience. Nyalerthrop is the man dressed in black who attends the witches sabbat. He is the gate way to the gods and work with him develops your magician self. Ctullu is already described. Shub Niggurath is the goat of the woods and very reminiscent to pan the goat god. He is the genius loci of the local wild place. Now why work with fictitious deities? A systems effectiveness cannot be measured solely in terms of inner coherence but effectiveness is increased the more one believes in the the system. belief is the central factor. believe in it and it works.

This is a fun book that will help lead ti radical change if adhered to properly which means do what works for you. Most of us use banishing rituals before and after. This sets the mood for a magical working yet one can use other means for entering into the magical mind set. For example silence of soft music can be used to enter into the state as well as to exit the state. Yet what if the magic is still lingering maybe you do not want to banish it right away maybe you wanna discuss or find a less abrupt means of banishing it. It is freestyle magic you do what works for you even if you cannot fully communicate what you have experienced because it is for you only. I enjoyed reading the Feat of ghouls. I will not go into descritptions save that you will wanna check this out yourself. The Most powerful mind cling to the fewest fixed principles.


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