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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Wicked Lovely

Wicked Lovely
Melissa Marr
Harper Collins, April 29, 2008

We've all read enough about vampires lately and we have seen far too many tv shows and movies about vampires and werewolves. Faeries seem to be very popular and their popularity is rising. But will they have the same shot at fame as the vampires and werewolves do. Will this book be the one that breaks the barrier and puts faeries into mainstream consciousness like vampires are.

Melissa Marr has written a good little book on faeries. I found the book enjoyable, readable and face paced. The story line was intriguing enough to hold this adult readers interest. Melissa Marr has also done her research on the subject as evidenced by the quotations at the beginning of each chapter. It is an over all recommendation especially for young high school readers.

If the book has been longer it might have been boring. There is room for improvement in the way of character development. The plot could also use a bit more excitement and have a few added events that move the plot along at a swifter place. Melissa Marr has definite knowledge of the faerie real, and perhaps she could get a little bit more detailed in her work about the faerie realm. Although it is a good over view. While a very good book especially for a new author I do not think this is the book that will propel faeries into the mainstream consciousness to the extent that vampires are.

Aislin whether she has wanted to or not was born with the gift to see faeries. Her mother and grandmother were born with this gift or should I say curse. Aislin has to pretend that she cannot see them for to do otherwise is to bring a heap of trouble upon yourself. Aislin and her grandmother live in Huntsdale a city filled with iron and metal , far way from lush green forest like areas. Faeries grow week around iron. Aislin's grandmother also moves her around a lot to keep her safe.

Aislin is in a platonic relationship with Seth, a guy famous for one night stands and piercings. He lives in a train car and has not a care in the world. For Aislin this iron box is a safety zone. Seth and Aislin really dig each other but they never let on.

Then along comes Keenan, crown prince of the summer court. He must find a Summer queen if he is ever to break the curse of Beira his mother the winter queen. He has selected Aislin. Aislin is very reluctant to say the least as she is in love with Seth. All through the book Seth and Aislin try to evade the summer king. Beira the winter queen wants the world to remain in eternal winter. Donia one of the girls who tried to be the summer queen but was just not the one was turned into an ice faerie. She helps them as she wants to be released from the cold.

In the end they come up with a workable compromise and the good side always prevails. I will leave it to you to figure out.

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