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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Natural Magic and Spellcraft

Earth, Air, Fire and Water
Scott Cunningham, Llewellyn

The meat and potatoes of European folk magic, the actual craft the witches of old used to practice. This is pure spellcraft at it's finest. The book is backed by years of research and experimentation. This book continues where his first book ,Earth Power, left off. This book is a must.

Natural magic uses the four elements of the planet: Earth, Air, Fire and Water to perform your spell. There are no fancy complicated rituals or tools. Natural magic is all about combining your personal power with the power of the element to achieve your result. Natural magic does not require any ornate tools or altar and most of the spell can be performed any where. This is outdoor magic. Magic is using your will to influence reality in a way that you desire.

The rituals are relatively simple which is what I like. To perform your ritual you will need to gather your tools. Again they are not complex. They will be simple things like herbs, stones, candle etc. Things you can easily obtain or may be lying around your house. once your materials are gathered you will have to take a few moments and relax. While doing your ritual think only of soultions or desired outcomes. Your next step is to visualize your outcome and charge up your tools. Ussually when doing a spell, but not all the time, there is a rhyme or chant that you say over and over again. You will then build up your energy by usually tightening up all the muscles in your body chanting or rapid breathing. While doing this hold on to your elemental tool (stone, herb, water etc) with your receptive or non- writing hand. This combines your personal energy with the elemental energy. Once the ergy is built up and you can no longer contain it then you push it through your projecctive or writing hand in to an object. This releases the energy so it can do it's work. The spell can be done as many times as needed.

This great little book of folk magic is just that folk magic and not Wicca. In the following chapters Scott Cunningham list spells forr each of the four elements. There are also chapters on star magic, candle magic, ice magic, magnet magic etc. There is a spell for just about every need , everything from breaking addictions to money and love. The books closes off with a teaching on how to design your own spell. Contained with in the chapter are symbols associated with different goals along with colors, elements and herbs. Word to the wise do not use magic for negative purposes such as to harm people our influence their will. If you want to heal someone you have ton nask their permission.

At the end the of the book there is bibliography if you are intersted in researching more on spellcraft and natural magic.

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