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Friday, March 19, 2010

Message of the Lord of the Rings

JRR Tolkien’s books are filled with all sorts of mythological creatures. Elves, Dwarves, Wizards and the dark beings called Wring wraiths and orcs. Most he pulled from ancient mythology while his Hobbits were seemingly of his own invention. Like authors before him Tolkien is using fantasy to deliver a very timely message. A message that was valid when he wrote his books and a message that is valid today.

Reading “Lord of the Rings” one can get several messages. Perhaps you are thinking that the message is that good always triumphs over. Well maybe but then again so many stories portray that message that I cast doubts on it. Perhaps bravery and courage, after all a little hobbit is the one who saves the day. All the warriors have courage in his tales. Very likely considering that one of his inspirations was old Norse mythology which valued a warrior mentality.

Yet consider the “Two Towers”. Saruman is corrupted by Sauron. By his tall tower he cuts down all the trees and digs giant pits and caves. In these caves out come a hoard of deformed orcs. They are also engaged in metal working, the crafting of weapons. This cutting down of trees and the creation of a huge factory represent industrialization of our society and the destruction of nature. Saruman in his greed for power is destroying the environment. The orc could well represent the effects of destroying the environment on the human race. Thanks to factories dumping their industrial waist into the environment birth defects and deformities are on the rise. This is especially true in third world countries where the dumping of waste is unregulated and uncontrolled.

The Ent's Revenge: Nature Strikes Back

Of course in the end Nature has her revenge. It is the hobbits that inform the Ents, walking trees, what Saruman has done. They in turn rampage on Saramans tower and release a rampage of water washing away al his evil accomplishments. You cannot beat mother nature. Corporate leaders should watch this it might curb their greed.

Greed for gold is another such message I have gleaned from this trilogy. Everyone who touches that cursed ring becomes obsessed by it and refuses to part from it. Gollum killed his friend for that ring. Bilbo could not let it go and we could see Frodo becoming slowly corrupted by the ring. In the end he could not let it go into the fires of Mordor of his own free will.

Punishment for being greedy

Gold, Jewelry, fancy cars all seem to have a very similar effect on certain kinds of people. They become obsessed with these material goods and cannot let them go. They will do anything to get these goods and will not part with them. These people who are so powered by greed will act like Bilbo and Frodo who are slowly corrupted to the point of being unable to let go. Worse yet they become like Gollum, someone who kills and harms others in order to get their hands on the gold they desire..

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