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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Haunt of the Jackals

THis book is the second in the Trilogy called the Jerusalem Undead. The book continues in the Romanian forest with Gina Lazaresque fighting off the collectors. At the end of the last book she defeated Lord Aristin the cluster leader from the Akeldama in Jerusalem, a coven of vampires dedicaded to wiping out the 36 righteous ones. After Gina kills Lord Ariston she flees from the cave with Shalom in hot pursuit. Gina is badly wounded. She finally confronts Shalom who takes on the body of a pig Gina kills her by giving her a taste of the Nazarene blood. She dies.

Meanwhile Cal and Dov are in flight from Erota who pursues them through the forest. She takses on the form of a Raven and attacks them many a times. Along the way they have an adventure at a farmers house where they work for some food. Later on they capture Erota in a cave and with warm milk persuade her to talk and give out details but they are yunable to destroy her. She flees and speaks witrh the other part of the divided coven ion the Negev at their hide away called the Huaunt of the Jackals where Judas IScariot was born. THere is a confrontation and Erota barely gets out alive. She then heads back to Romania.

Gina and Cal reunite in Hungary with Teo her childhod friend in tow. Teo has always had a crush on Gina but could never get that love off the ground. He is jealous of Cal who meets her there also. Littel does Teo realize the Cal is her father a former Mistar himself until he fathered Gina. From Cal Gina gets a new identity and adopts Kenny a Romanian child destined to be one of the 36 Nistarim. They later move to Junction City ,Oregon.

In Junction City they lay low and lead a quiet life. While in a museum her father tells how he was the famous DB Cooper and how her brother supposedly died at the hands of Natira a former Jewish warrior vampire who was killed by the Romans. Mean while Natira is up and around killing of the Nistarim left and right.

Erota in the meantime is travelling to Romania promoting her wine business and making contacts in the Russian dissidents in order to install the Romanovs missing heir to power. Her brother Shelomzion is transfroming into a were wolf after killing so may people and hanging with wolves.

Erota and the Romanian part of the coven unite with Natira to settle matters with the Israeli branch of the coven. Basicaly a power struggle. Shelmomzion goes to kill Gina and Kenny but is defeated. At the end Gina fakes her death and I will let you read it from there.

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