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Monday, February 8, 2010

Whisper of Stone by Tess Dawson

Before the bible came about with the religion of Judaism which was the Genesis of Western Monotheism there was the Canaanite Deities. They are mentioned in the Bible and the descriptions of them are not too flattering. THe bible was wrong. THe Canaanites were highly developed and highly sophisticated people. THe author Tess Dawson has done her research well. THe beginning of the book describes Canaanite life and talks at length about the religion and the myths. Sadly for us much has been lost over time. Natib Quadish is a movement that seeks the revival of the Canaanite Deities.

Reconstructing an ancient religion that has not been practiced in a long time, like 2-3 thousand years is a daunting challenge. Yet she does pull it off with a modern flair. Tess Dawson give throrough instruction on how to create a worship space and how tro cleanse your area. She mentiones stones and herbs and incesnces and tell the reader what they mean to the different deities. Many of her holidays and celebratory practices are pulled from ancioent sources. Others are modern. Over all great book for someone intersted in following the Canaanite Gods. Tess herself came from a Wiccan background but she felt that something was still missing until something called out to her. That voice said Ashirah. Like Wicca the Natib Kadish is still relatively decentralized this allows for the development of different tradition and for the practitioner to develope practices that he or she is comfortable with. Most follwers of Natib Quadish are solitary practitioners who worship the deities alone. There are groups forming.

In the back of the book there is glossary that offers vocabulary words in Canaanite and tells who the different Deities are. There is also an appendix on the different herbs, stones and animals and what their symbolism was. An over all excellent book.

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