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Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Century of Spells by Draja Mickaharic

An interesting compendium of over a hundred simple to use spell. Draja Mickaharic was born in Bosnia and ended up immigrating to America back in 1939. It seems that he has picked up his spell for a variety of sources. Some sources are books while other seem to be from his travel. Most of the magical practices are not from any organized form of Witchcraft but seem to be folk remedies used by the common folk. THe author seems to have a good sound knowledge of how to make incenses,oils and baths. Most of what is collected in here in my book is not spells per se but rather simple remedies for problems.

The author at the outset of the book cautions the reader not to use black magic. What is black magic? Black Magic is the use of magic to influence or control somebody else's will. It is bad and it has bad karmic consequences. Our main purpose for living is to serve the divine and praise the divine. Whatever helps us towards that end should be encourage and what ever takes away from that end should be thrown away.

The author recommends a daily regimen of prayer as a way as a way of spiritually purifying yourself. He advises to keep our center and warns that we are under constant spiritual influence from outside forces both overtly and covertly.

I give the book an over all four. There are many useful things in this book andd there are no complicated rituals. He has a good knowledge of herbs and how to make incenses and oils. He has reversal spells,protection spells, spoken and written spells and spells using herbs, incenses and oils. This is real good for someone who likes working with herbs.

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