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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Susannah's Song

Song of Susannah (The Dark Tower, #6)Song of Susannah by Stephen King
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Continuing where Wolves of Calla left off, the ka tat, or group is on the trail of Susannah. Sometime after the battle, Susannah was taken over by Mia and is carrying Mia's child Mordred. Mordred is the son of Roland and much like the Arthurian myth Mordred is destined to kill his father . But that is for later.

Stephen King likes to center on walk ins and doorways to other dimensions and alternate Earths. Susannah went through the door and wound up in New York 1999. Things are rather strange. Susannah must flee to a computer center in her mind. It is called the Dogan and from here she can control things and speak with her friends. In New York she finally has some legs but they are white and she is African American. Using a charm she hypnotized a diplomat and convinces him to give her money. She is waiting to give birth to the chap at the " Dixie Pig" all the while Susannah and Mia both struggle with each other and learn each other's story.

Roland and Eddie Dean end up in Maine during the 70's or 60's by a lake. They are immediately set upon by gangsters who shoot up a liquor store trying to get them. Next they travel to force someone to sell them some land with a rose on it. It is connected the tower and beams that are falling apart. Finally they meet Stephen King himself and convince him to continue his story and of course they are hunting for clues.

Jake and Father Callahan end up in New York as well. After a scuffle with a cab driver and a meeting with another priest they go off searching for Susanah. In the end they'll meet at the Dixies pig and boy is everyone in for a surprise.

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