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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Wild Wyoming

Wild Horse Country in WyomingWild Horse Country in Wyoming by Jack Price
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In the 1930's South Dakota was a dust bowl. There was no rain, crops were failing and there were dust storms that choked on everything that tried to breathe. So Jack Price's father decided to move the family out to Wyoming. The state of Wyoming was still a pioneer state in many ways. True cars were used to a small extent but people still travelled about on horses and mules. Schools were one room contraptions with sometime funny episodes going down. Looking by the Teton Mountsins near Rock Port, there was work in coal mining, and ranching. Wyoming was and is still filled with colorful characters. Wild hors s could be could in the desert.

Stuttering Dick was one guy who when he got older, would travel from ranch to ranch to stay for a few days. He could not do much work but he was entertaining to listen to. He never overstayed his welcome. One day during a blizzard he was caught in the snowfall and froze to death. Some school tales involve a very strict teacher who enjoyed smoking. He went to the outhouse for a smoke and the kids would turn it over or block the door. They sure taught that teacher a lesson. Some of the characters were horses themselves.. One hors was a former race hors called L. He escaped Kentucky and ended up with the horses on a ranch. One of th best horses. Another horse was half and half. They could never catch him but he always ran free and although other horses he was herding with did caught. The famous half and half never got caught.

Wyoming my the horses ran free and wild on the plain. People would herd sheep and horses out on the desert plain. The herders had shelter set up for them to live in. People would capture wild horses and tame them out in the corrals. Eventually the family moved back to South Dakota. Jack and the other 8 brothers would go off and fight in different wars. One of them died fighting in world war 2. His mother died in Wyooming. The father almost died from coal mines. Either way Wyoming makes a lasting impact and stays in your memory. It is a place close to nature.

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