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Monday, January 30, 2017

The Most Holy Death

La Santa Muerte: Unearthing the Magic & Mysticism of DeathLa Santa Muerte: Unearthing the Magic & Mysticism of Death by Tomás Prower
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She is the female grim reaper, worshiped in Mexico among the poor, oppressed and destitute. HEDr veneration has spread here and her followers are not limited to the Latino community but followers from all races. She is popular among criminals, law enforcement, drugs dealers, prostitutes and the lower economic class. What drives people into the arms of La Santa Muerte. For one she is non judge mental . She does not care who you are because death come for us all regardless. She will also answer your petitions with just no judgement. In other words if you ask for it you will get it.

This is in contrast to the practices of Wicca and the three fold law. In Wicca you cannot or are not supposed to do negative magic or magic that will harm someone and if the spirits do not think it is to your benefit then they will not grant your request. La Santa Muerte is different . She answers all your request . Even so the author talks about Karma and the law of equal exchange. If you do negative Magick against someone it will come back to you just the same. There is the law of exchange which means that if you get something you have too give something in return. The author has definitely dipped his feat into the pools of new paganism and immersed himself in the ways of Santa Muerte. The result could be a new path. Most followers of Santa Muerte are of the Catholic persuasion, although anyone can be a follower f Santa Muerte.

Death has been venerated since ancient times and death was not personified as evil, in fact the Greeks thought that Hades was a good guy . The Sumerians worshipped Ereskkigal and the Egyptians worked with her for gay Magic . Pluto was one who gave wealth. The Greeks had the three fates that last one was the crone who cut the cord determining the end of your life. In the Roman Pantheon she was called La Porce.

THe book covers the history of the following of Santa Muerta. At the end there are spells forgo love, money , protection and winning in court. There is a chapter on color correspondences, herbs and incense. The spell are easy to perform and not overly complicated. I also think you can use sme of the knowledge towards working with other deities. This book is great for someone who loves Santa Muerte and it is God for the ne pagan just getting introduced to her. Awesome for beginning and intermediate practitioners of Magic . Great book and I hope the author writes more.Hail Sana Muerte.

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