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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Tales of the Dervishes

Tales of the DervishesTales of the Dervishes by Idries Shah
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Sufism is the mystical side of Islam. Often times great truths are funneled into u through simple sounding fairy tales collected all over the Islamic world. Some of these tales are populated with strange animals and Jinn. These tales re not meant to be taken literally, but rather taken as symbolically. Hearing the tales, if one is trained properly enables one to evolve. There are many Sufi orders in the Middle East, thy each have levels and various initiations which is appropriate for mystical orders. The Mason probably got their levels from the Sufis.

Dervishes were the mystics often described like beggars, walking around in rags. Often times these hidden saint would bestow a miracle or a blessing or even some charity upon those that were worthy and deserving. Sometimes these mystics possessed great powers. This gem of book, now possibly dated as it is old is an entertaining read. If you have the wisdom and the insight read the tales and plumb the depths of wisdom.

One such story titled “How to Catch Monkeys” tells how a hunter puts a cherry in a bottle and waits for a monkey to try to get it out. The monkey gets his hand stuck and never gets the cherry. He is caught by the monkey hunter. There is deper meaning to this tale that comes out of Afghanistan,

“The Cure of Human Blood” talks about instant spiritualization. A ruler in Constantinople is wasting away from a disease and the only cure is to kill young children and bathe in their blood. The king at first wants to o this and then decides not to. He is cured. What cures him? Prayers, righteousness???

“The Bird and the Egg” has anon flying bird hatch the egg of a bird that can fly. The flightless bird cannot teach flight but the young bird is grateful to this non flyer and blieves he will learn t do it himself one day by his own efforts.

Fun little book of tales.

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