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Friday, October 30, 2015

Magic of the North Europeans

Practical Magic in the Northern TraditionPractical Magic in the Northern Tradition by Nigel Pennick
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With Nigel Pennick everything always goes full circle and everything interconnected. For anyone wishing to practice North European magic this book is an excellent resource. Most of the magic is based on the Norse gods and germanic methods that came over to Britain with the wave of Viking and Norse warriors who came over. There is reference and some techniques that come over from the Celtic side of British heritage. Nigel also does a greater job of cross referencing gods of the Norse with those from other Pantheons further south like Greek and Roman. THe book is geared toward intermediate practitioners.If you want to work with this book I would advise getting to know the Norse pantheon really well. This stuff is defiantly not Wicca although there are similarity. More authentic and more British, although Wicca too was born in Britain.

THe author starts off with the circle. The circle is round with 8 different directions or airts. So in addition to North, South, East and West there is also North West, North East etc Each one with different significance. The circle represent the time of the day and the cycle of the year. Runes are another subject discussed. The author is frank about this subject . Due to persecution from Christians the practice was driven underground and a lot of knowledge was lost. Many would claim to be practitioner but were in fact naught but frauds. Runes can be used for Talisman and or amulet. Talismans can protect as well as attract and they are made and activated in a ritual where in the author gives over the steps. Like Wicca enegery has to be transported in the object so it can charge. Other amulet that are discussed are the witch balls which reflect back negative energy and switch bottle which lure negative engeRGY way frm the owner of it. Herbs are discussed as well as are the uses but most of it seems to be for protection. THe runes can also be placed on the circle and have their proper place. So do the major festivals like Beltane, Samhain, Llamas, etc. The author goes into tools of the trade as well and they are more extensive than the list Wiccans have to use. WHen Nigel discusses the the festivals not only does he tell you what they mean buty he also give over some ideas for ritual and prayers so that you can plan your own celebrations. He is against memorizing scripts and wants everything to come from the heart. The path of the craft is individualized to the practitioner.

Great book from a practitioner who live in the land where the craft is born and raised. His practice does have similarity with Wicca as Wicca sees magic as transferring oar working with energy. Even elemental spirits could be described as beings of energy and consciousness. I liked his discussion on the European martial arts and the shapehsifting wolf, bear and pig warriors. I am a fan of Nigel's work

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