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Friday, June 5, 2015

Working with the Planets

Practical Planetary Magick: Working the Magick of the Classical Planets in the Western Mystery TraditionPractical Planetary Magick: Working the Magick of the Classical Planets in the Western Mystery Tradition by Sorita D'este
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Before Wicca and even before the advent of monotheism thee ancient ones worked with and even worshipped the seven wandering stars. Actually only one of them was a star, the sun, the other five were planets and the one was our moon. For each of these planets , depending on the culture a different God was assigned. Later on as monotheism became vogue different angels would be assigned to the planets. Each planet or star could be worked with or asked for a difference things or item you needed in life. ALong with a purpose for working with the planet there were various different scents, herbs and numbers associated with the planet. This book priced cheaply enough in the kindle version gives you the tools you need in order to incorporate planetary magic into you practice.

The planets and their magic is based primarily on what we learned from the Greeks and Romans. They in turn learned their material from the Ancient Babylonians and Egyptians. THE babylonians were the first to works with planet magic . THe books tells you what the planets were used for and then goes into the various deities from different cultures that were associated with the planets. The next section gives over some meditative journeys for each ot the planets which you can read into a tape recorder along with some music and do some meditation . THe next section deals with times and days associated with the planets. This could be crucials for enhancing your work and helping you meet your goals. THis pertains to making your preparations , combining stellar power and actual working times. THE book also discusses invoking and evoking different spiritual creatures associated with the planet and this is done with a series of charts. So  yo will get the deities associated with the planet, the arch angel, demon and orders of angels that go with the planet.

THere is some very practical  hands on stuff in this book as well.There are some basic instructions on how to to make a kamea, amulet and talisman. Again preparation times are needed. Later on there are pyramid mediations  and finally the book tells you about the further planets in our solar system and how they can be worked with.

This nice little book gives the reader plenty of tools to work with. However, I would not recommend it to the novice practitioner.  I think for this book to be of maximum value you need to know how to construct a ritual for a working and then slowly implement the material of the book into your practice. Beginners need to see the whole thing put together as a model or example. Having tools in a tool box can be confusing, Thanksfully there are plenty of other books referenced in the back for further reading. I would suggest reading them as they are classic. 

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