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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Moon in the Month of Leo

alas I am bereft of wisdom Let me sound my bell 9 times for though I would rather sound it out a thousand time. I walk around in counter clockwise circles driving away the evil and disease. Once complete I shall take the light of the stars a d seal it all shut. So my circle is caste much that of Honi the circle maker. Safe with in I can now summon the ancient ones and pay them their due. In tired angst I turn toward the airy wind of the east. I know Rafael stand guard while Hermes the winged messenger whisper words of inspiration in hart. So I welcome the sprites and their retinue. Come forward friends. To the south with it's burning flames I turn. The angel Michael calls me this evening to face an eternity of passion. And the flames of passion they are buring high. To the West the water world of Venus. Where lovers roam walking hand in hand. Love is the language of her. And Gabriel is there standing guard Ready to take on any who would interfere with love's quest. At last to the north I turn, Frozen cold wasteland home of the crone guarded by Uriel. Come forewards gnomes keep not your treasure hidden forever the old crone is the benevolent grandmother taking care of all our ills. Invocation Dear mother filled with child. Belly full as is the moon above. I light a candle in your honor. In many places you are called by many names. They change throughout time yet you are known in all the worlds for you bare the mother of us all. You identity all encompassing, for you are both the sun and the moon. Mistress of magic, temptess, doting mother bestower of good will to all. ANd when the moon and sun goes dark that is when you come to reclaim our souls and melt us down in your cauldron of inspiration. By the moon so full I stand in my prime. By your grace fair lady I shall  not go before my time. So the candle is lit. By your leave sweet lady I burn the incense offering before your silver stare. Hail the moon and hail the sun Let the spring come in and the winter begone. Bring prosperity and wealth to all  the children who know you. Chase away the poverty an bring us forth riches and gold. (Continue with mediation and that dismiss the elements)

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