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Monday, January 12, 2015

Lost Magic of the Native Americans

Lost Indian Magic: A Mystery Story of the Red Man as He Lived Before the White Men Came (1918)Lost Indian Magic: A Mystery Story of the Red Man as He Lived Before the White Men Came by Grace Moon
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THis is an old story written down by Grace Moon. It is is fiction inspired by what I hope would be some solid research or at least someone who spent time with the native AMericans. I googled some of the terms and found nothing. None the less it was an interesting piece of fiction.

Somewhere out there in the deserts of America there existed several tribes on of them was the Nag a pahs and their magic has been missing and ever since then things have definitely deteriorated. Kawah is a young brave justy turned 18 and is of the habit of going out around sunrise to observe the view.One day he is jumped by two braves from the Totomec tribe. They steal a pouch from his neck and bring it to the enemy tribe.

Within the Totomec tribe there is sort of a civil war going on between the medicine man and the the chief, Waukama. Waukama is a blood thirsty chief who has a penchant for war. THe ways of the medicine man a rem more peaceful.

WIth the Nag am pahs things are different . Disnay the medicine man runs things there. Among them is a Totomec girl who had a father for a spy. When Disnay hears the story he sends the young Kawama to go get the pouch back fearing that it might be Nag am pahs magic

As he goes over ther, Kawama gets captured and mangages to escape, THe chief want to kill him but the medicine man wants a trial. Kawama fights with the rival chief injures him and then flees into the desert. receiving injuries from his attempt at escape he is taken in by the bear witch, who takes care of him.

Later on with the help of the Totomec maiden he makes his way baack to the village where he learn the truth about his tribes magic and about his own destiny and identity.

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