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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Hawaiian Magic

Hawaiian Religion & MagicHawaiian Religion & Magic by Scott Cunningham
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Scott Cunningham most noted for his works on Wicca and witchcraft had spent considerable time in Hawaii and became enamored with the culture. What follows is an informative easy to read book that gives the reader insight into some of the ways of Hawaii's spirituality. At best the book An in depth overview that could leave one hungering for more. Fortunately for those with more than a passing interest there is a nice sized bibliography in the back .

While much of Hawaiian spirituality may have been lost with the coming of Christian missionaries there is still plenty that remains. I am willing to wager that Scott Cunningham knew more then what he put in the pages and the potential magician may have found a world view that he or she can apply to their magic but the book is sparse I magical techniques. Still it provides a very enjoyable and informative read.

Some of the subjects discussed are the history of the Hawaiian people and their deities. Most known is Pele but there are others and they are known as the akua. The amakua are the deified ancencestors Hawiian families. Sometimes the Amakua take in animal forms or simply appear to guide their descendants. Kapu were prohibitions or taboos. If a certain families amakua came back as sharks it would be forbidden fir that family to eat sharks. Not all the deceased became amakua. Some ghosts found their way to the after life by finding to right cliff to dive off of. Those that did not find their way remained to haunt others and steal their food ,

Chiefs were called Ulii and were considered to have possessed more mana then regular people . People did not defile their shadow and oft time prostrated themselves before the chief. The chief like others had their clothing guarded so sorcerers could not curse them . On fact every one protected their cothing. Kahunas were priests or experts. Beneath them were prophets. After that were the common folk .

The Hawaiians believed that everything possessed mana or life energy. Different types of people had differnt types as did plants, animals and stones.

The book discussed some sacrifice to the gods for different thing. It also discussed magical uses for stones and plants. The lunar month and important days was elaborated upon and the astrology was touched upon.

The book serves as a nice introduction into Hawaiian spirituality .

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