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Sunday, July 27, 2014

A Vampyre's Grimoire

Vampyre Magick: The Grimoire of the Living VampireVampyre Magick: The Grimoire of the Living Vampire by Father Sebastiaan
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Father Sebastian founder of the Sabre Tooth Clan and Strigoi Vii has written his third book about Vampyre spirituality. Notice that vampire is spelled with a y indicating that this is not the same as the blood sucking vampire as Count Dracula. Though truth be told he has written in the iontroduction that vampyres who consume energy were prevalent in Romania and Hungary.

This installment touches on the over all philosophy of vampyres who tend to be chaos magicians that use different paradigms based on preference or what is most feasible for the goal at hand. Such pardignms that they use would include Asatru, Wicca, Ceremonial magic and other.
Vampyre’s of Stigoi Vii follow on the Elorath current. There are some sample rituals for the various vampire holidays that somewhat correspond with Pagan holidays. There are also morning rituals, twilight rituals and evening riutals. There are also exercises included for mediation, astral projecting, chakra balancing and opening. There are also techniques discussed that show the semi Awakened vampire how to feed harmlessly off other.
The Vampyre is the most advanced stage of evolution according to the author but that does not mean that the vampire has a right to kill or torture others. In fact the need to feed off of prana or energy can be quite good for the vampire and the person being fed off. Reiki like techniques make it possible for the vampire to recycle energy.
But life is competive and the strongest do survive. This spirutality does embrace a brutal realism that nature is not always nice. There is a cycle of creation and destruction. It cannot be helped even if it does sound a bit Darwinian. Of course this does not mean that we do not help others when in need.
The vampyre’s ultimate goal is to survive the second death where in the astral body disintegrates and the spiritual identity is lost forever. The object is to keep the astral body living on the astral realm permanently. Usually the body generates and creates prana as well as storing it. During the process of decay the astral body can still feed off of it. The feeding can be rather pleasurable. Once the energy runs out th astral body disapates. Awakend vampyres manage to find energy with out harmfully draining others. Some of the ancestors may feed off of offering left by living spiritual descendants. Other have it stored elsewhere. Some are like a succubus or incubus that attack people while they are dreaming.
This system is all about balance. Vampyres live in and are part of this society. They must master their dayside skills along with their nighttime skills. Day skills are social skills, dressing nice and being charming . Nightime skills are things like shaapeshifting, feeding and astral travel. Has some really good techniques. Could have used some more embellishment of the techniques but a good place to starts and a good companion for Sanginomicon.

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