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Friday, May 23, 2014

Magical Innovations

Becoming MagickBecoming Magick by David Rankine
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was a book that upon first reading it I figured that it deserves a three star rating, but as I continued on I found enough useful information that it was deserving of a four star review. The book “Becoming Magick” is really geared towards the more advanced practitioner yet I was able to pull out several things that I would find useful and those things will find themselves copied into my notes for further use.

The author David Rankine combines many items in this book. He pulls from kabbalistic sources, Egyptian sources and Hindu sources. He has also added some new information gleaned from his working and personal gnosis. Perhaps what I found really useful was his invocation to Ma’at the Egyptian Goddess of balance and truth. There is also ritual opening that I found useful and one that I will use.

As we know magic by and large works with 7 planetary bodies: Mercury, Venus, Moon, Sun, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. The author has found meaning and ways of working with the other planets in our solar system. This includes astral influences, sigils and magic squares for working with these planets.

One drawback to the work was the heavy emphasis on Gematria, most of which tends to put me to sleep. Yet I found that his new numerical meaning for English letters could come in quite handy and something that I intend to make use of.

Pulling from the Hindu sources he has identified like some sixteen kalas or timecycles and disclosed what they could be used for . Along with his descriptions he also details the goals that they can used for and different plants,herbs and stones that strengthen the use of the kala goal

Contained in the book is a brief description on thought forms and how to make use of them. He also teaches about Kameas. The explanations are simple but the concepts can be very challenging to understand. David Rankine is very Ceremonial in his outlook as evidenced by his use of Kabballa and other souces. For him magic is energy directed towards spiritual evolution. Yet David also realized that magic is best kept simple if it is going to be useful.

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