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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

My Demon Lover

Demon LoverDemon Lover by Dion Fortune
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The story opens up in the midst of a séance where in a psychic member of a Fraternity is placed under a hypnotic trance in order to help the group obtain secret occult knowledge. The secretary is the one leading the experiment. J. Lucas has been an outer court secretary for some time and he wants to climb in and take power by becoming a member of the inner court. Many in his fraternity do not trust him.

In his frustration Luca hires a young woman named Veronica from a pool of would be secretaries looking for work. She has psychic abilities. Within no time Lucas is forcing her to astral travel and obtain occult secrets from the lodge. All too soon this is discovered. Lucas’s plans for domination come to an end and he and Veronica are on the run from this Fraternity and their vaunted death ray .

Through there struggles and exploration both discover that they knew each other from previous lives and were lovers who parted ways. She went with the Christians and he with the Pagans and the mystery schools. In the middle of the book Lucas is found dead. His death a mystery with no explainable cause. Veronica inherits all his property and soon falls under suspicion. Of course this is not the end of Lucas and young Veronica’s trouble are just beginning.

A dog goes on a rampage killing a potential suitor for Veronica, Children in a small village are sick and dying and pretty soon Veronica is the center of all suspicion. Lucas’s spirit reappears gathering life force from Veronica in order to materialize. Children are the easiest targets for this spiritual vampire.

In the end there is a confrontation between the order, Lucas and Veronica. What is Veronica’s ultimate fait.

Dion Fortune is the founder of the “Society of Inner Light” she has written many novel and non fiction works about occult concepts. Reading this one will learn a thing or too about the occult world. If one is especially perceptive they will pick the influences of Helena Blavatsky and her Theosophical references to the hidden ones and Atlantis. When I read this book I come across so many concepts that I have read in so many Wicca book and Ceremonial Magick books. Of course Dion Fortune is coming from the source and the rest are just copy cats.

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