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Friday, January 31, 2014

Thracian Magic...Past and Present

Thracian Magic - Past & PresentThracian Magic - Past & Present by Georgi Mishev
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Thracians were the original inhabitants of Bulgaria. In fact Bulgaria used to be called Thrace and Thrace was an entity that embraced a vast quantity of land. The original Thracians lived in the mountains while people streamed in from further north to populate the area. The newcomers ended us adapting the Thracian religion and folk way.

The old Thracians revered the Goddess, who was called Hekate and her son the sun god. She gave birth to him and he became her lover. Sounds a lot like Wicca. The Yule time celebrates the birth of the god. It is a holiday that lasts 12 day. The book then proceeds to describe the yearly cycle according to the Thracians. Next is mayday and then holiday popping up in the summer an finally close to Halloween.

Many Bulgarian practices come from the Ancient Thracians and the acceptance of Christianity did not blot them out. THE Church tolerated them as they were part of the culture. I look at this book as a reference for general information. Most of the magical actions in here cannot be performed in this day and age owing to the fact that some of the actions require slaughtering an animal and/or creating a big fire. But they could be modified.

Magic is still practiced in Bulgaria. There are healers who still work and they their job is to heal and help people. Usually they are selected by an older healer and initiated, for women before they begin their period or after they have gone through menopause. Boys are selected before their first sexual encounter. Transference of bestowing of power is given by saliva or blowing on someone. To learn magic one must be selected and taught by a healer or magic worker and the it is a mystery tradition. To merely copy the magic will not be effective. Wo to those who perform ritual without knowing their real meaning. In Bulgaria sometimes the saints are summoned to perform healing and sometimes there is reference to the Ancient Gods.

There are dark magicians who work for their own gain and curse people as well. They are part of the community so they are not completely shunned. Yet the practice is looked down upon. Thracian magic was influenced by the surrounding culture and it influenced the surrounding cultures. if you wish to glimpse into an Ancient Culture this is a great book to read and the end is chocked full of resources, Get it for 6.99 on the kindle and you cannot go wrong.

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